Global Conversations by Minneapolis Technical and Community College

About this class

There are many challenges that we face in our 21st century if we want to have a sustainable world –a more peaceful and justice world for ourselves and future generations all across the world.   How we think about and value and treat our Earth -our Environment -is a crucial component for addressing all the major challenges we currently face both locally and worldwide.   At the heart of all major global challenges  (food, water, air, energy, resources,  poverty…..) is the environment and the changes now upon us all  from Climate Change.   No one country alone can “save” our planet from our “modern” world.  Global Education and Global Communication & Relationships are essential.   The key to a better world needs countries to come together and work together to address Environment and Climate Change issues.   This can happen only if the peoples from different cultures and walks of life come together as global citizens who see a common interest.   We must do this within our own country as well as with peoples in other countries of the world.  As college educators at MCTC we want to offer our students more opportunities to meet and learn from students who live outside of the U.S. --in other countries and regions of our planet.   


The MCTC Earth Day Global Conversations Program is our first attempt to use our technology to give our students opportunities to meet and converse with students outside of the U.S.




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