A Global Educational Network Designed By and For Teachers and Students

NewsActivist is a place for students, teachers, and the community to talk, share, collaborate, and build a better world together.

Designed by a teacher, the patent pending site’s clean, intuitive interface empowers teachers and students to break down walls to promote collaboration, improve writing, and boost civic awareness.

Why will students love NewsActivist?

NewsActivist gives students the opportunity to connect with groups as intimate as a single class or as broad as the site’s growing global community.

After joining an online class set up by a teacher, students contribute original writing to the site or interact with content posted by other NewsActivist members.

Already, the site’s global network of registered users has reached more than 4952. Privacy controls allow students and teachers to decide who can see and interact with each piece of content.

Why will teachers love NewsActivist?

NewsActivist gives teachers the tools they need to collaborate beyond the walls of their campuses with other teachers and classes across the globe.

Teachers can organize a personal class page that allows for easy management of students’ coursework or find collaborative partners on the site’s forums. Plus, the site helps motivate students by empowering them to write about topics that inspire them -- and see what it’s like to write for a real audience.

Our Mission and Values

  • We seek to provide students a way to communicate and collaborate with other students around the world.

  • We seek to enable teachers from different spots on the globe to easily manage cross-campus collaborative coursework

  • We seek to encourage cultural understanding by celebrating topical differences and recognizing universal human values.

  • We believe education should be responsive to individual students.

  • We believe writing improves when it is driven by students’ interests.

  • We believe each person is brilliant when provided opportunities to show it.

NewsActivist User Testimonials

“My students and I absolutely loved using the site.  I used it as a final project. The conversations they had with each other (were) exactly what I’d hoped for.When I polled the students for their opinion of the class the only negative they had was that we didn’t use newsactivist from the beginning of the semester. Thanks for your timely responses and for the wonderful, user-friendly site. Hats off to you!”

Dr. Nancy Decker, SUNY Ulster, Assistant Professor of Biology


“I have found NewsActivist to be a surprisingly powerful tool for teaching writing and engaging students with critical issues and their own learning. NewsActivist provides a unique mechanism for students to receive feedback on their writing from other students they could only connect with through NewsActivist. Whether students are counting ‘views’ or responding to one another, NewsActivist focuses students on writing for an audience. The opportunity for international collaboration means that dialogue can focus students on the challenges of intercultural communication.”

Eric Kaldor, PhD, SUNY Brockport, Associate Sociology Professor


“I was much more motivated to write my blog posts than my regular essays because I knew some people would actually read it and my opinion could have a voice. We could also see what other students thought of what we were doing or give our opinion on other people’s posts whether we agreed or disagreed, which motivated me to write better posts. I got to work on a subject that really matters to me and it made me care about it even more.”

Natalie Geukers, Champlain College, Saint-Lambert


There is no cost to you, your students, or your institution to use newsactivist in 2015-2016. All that we ask is that teachers and students provide us with feedback on how we can improve the site by emailing helpdesk@newsactivist.

We are very happy to have you here with us and look forward to seeing how the site supports you and your students in 2015-2016.


The NewsActivist team