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Wazing to a more sustainable transport.

World of Cities
Montreal is a city with a dense population of 1.74M people.This fact is astonishing concidering its location: an island. At its origin, the city was build as a trading outpost. History aside, we don't sail boats anymore to go work. How are we able to conclude a sustainable solution for...

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Foreign part timer

Writing III C&D 2017
These days, many foreign people come to Japan, because they are interested in Japanese culture, studying different languages and so on. In addition, they have part-time job. Convenience store is very common, and recently many foreign part-timers at Japan’s convenience stores are rising. I will...

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Final Project: Exposed to the Truth of Youth & Employment

Flacks: Contemporary Issues-NewsActivist- Fall 2017
Throughout this semester, there was one subject that interested me the most; it was the future of employment and the current situation for the employment industry. I have touched on a few topics involving this theme such as labour laws, unemployment, and technology advancement in the workforce. The...

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Small Scale Hydropower

Knowledge, Society, & the Environment (1227)
By Ariane Gauthier, Alexanne Beaulieu and Mélodie Ah-Waye               Since the first villages, water has been a great source of power, from grinding flour to produce electricity. Fortunately, inventors have succeeded to create a system that would use water motion to generate power called...
Mélodie Ah-Waye

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Wind Power as a Renewable Energy Alternative

Knowledge, Society, & the Environment (1227)
Victoria Salomon and Katelyn Moffat  Here in Quebec, we are the country’s second biggest market for the renewable energy source that is wind power. Wind power comes from giant turbines whose blades catch the wind and turn, which then spins a large shaft connected to a generator. The generator is...

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Sunny House; Happy Life

Knowledge, Society, & the Environment (1227)
Sunny House; Happy Life The popularity of cost effective green houses have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. The concept of net zero homes has risen, and suddenly possibilities of clean energy use became available to almost everyone. One of these possibilities that has become...
Frederique Laprise

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Solar Water Heaters

Knowledge, Society, & the Environment (1227)
Matthew Hill, Umrick Singh & Luka Guenette-Larocque Solar Water Heaters   As seen in the movie "Seeking the Current", solar water heaters are part of our future in terms of heating our homes. It is where energy from the sun is converted into heat to warm water using a solar thermal collector (...

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Surroundings and evolution shape human sight, smell and taste

Nathan St-Fé's Class
The article I had the pleasure of reading indicates a growing problem caused by our current surroundings and the human race’s evolution. In fact, our ancestors spent most of their time in the outdoors and with the large presence of fresh air and natural lighting, their senses developed in a healthy...

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Should we delete bad history?

Democracy & Cultural Diversity F2017
Tim Fontaine writes an article called “destroying personal accounts of residential schools would just compound the tragedy.” The author states that books give facts, but the accounts of each child that attended residential school have a story. Fontaine said that it’s sad to see the Supreme Court...

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Net-Zero Homes : Green way of Housing

Knowledge, Society, & the Environment (1227)
Net zero homes are custom made homes that produce as much energy as they consume, or even more, on an annual basis. It is an intelligent design that combines different renewable energy producers, as geothermal, solar, wind, hydro, etc. Using the adequate combination of theses, based on your house...

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Student Writing

(Editorials, News Summaries, Blog posts and Volunteer Opportunities)

Walking Towards a World Without Stigma

Flacks: Contemporary Issues-NewsActivist- Fall 2017
Throughout the semester, I’ve focused the majority of my work on mental health, more precisely the stigma that is attached to this topic. I decided to target mental health stigma within four different main groups: Health care providers, youth, workplace and media.

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Hate crime in Vancouver train

Democracy & Cultural Diversity F2017
A 46 year old man was arrested for a hate crime attack on a public Canada train line. The man threatened to kill and cause harm to muslims. A young muslim teen on the train was a victim of this man. She claimed the man got up screaming and swearing at her due to the fact she was wearing a hijab. The muslim teen was targeted by this man because of the hijab which led the man to hit her across her face. In a train full of people, only one person stepped up to help the teen and did not leave until the police and paramedics came.

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Teen takes out anger on infant

Democracy & Cultural Diversity F2017
  A 16 year old teen from Saskatoon is being charged for the murder of a six-week old baby. The teen confessed in great detail to her crime in court. She explained how she strangled, hit, kicked in the head and, stabbed a nail into the baby’s face. She expressed to the police that she had let her anger out on the baby, that she was tired of life and got mad and took it out on the infant.

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We need Change in the Mental Health System

Democracy & Cultural Diversity F2017
  Psychiatric facilities in British Columbia need to rebuild their mental health systems for being unethical with patients. Mental health facilities allowed staff to constrain patients with no explanations, they denied patients the right to have a lawyer and, took away clothing from patients as a way of discipline. The “Operating in Darkness” report states the provincial Mental Health Act allows patients in confinement to be restrained to their beds, giving unwanted drug treatments and, losing their right to cloths.  

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Our Planet is Crying for Our Help

Democracy & Cultural Diversity F2017
In the Canadian coastal regions, many reports have been made about the burden of climate change. From storms, rising sea levels and, the melting icebergs causes liability to the coasts around Canada. Not only the flooding of coastal cities will occur but, it's stated that Nova Scotia is in the path of becoming completely covered  by arctic waters. Canada and other cities around the world are going to see tragic events due to climate change and the rising waters. Climate change will cause loss to many in coastal areas and also billions of dollars in damage.

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Final Research Paper

Flacks: Contemporary Issues-NewsActivist- Fall 2017
Throughout the semester, most of my research as been directed towards education. This research paper with be analyzing other country’s system and our system and compare them to see what works better and what doesn’t, the goal being to find a way to make school a place where people want to be rather than being a somewhat forced thing. Instead of delving deep into statistics of one way to do it, I will go through a more general idea and talk about 3 issues and ways of fixing them.

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When I tell people I am volunteering to help the environment, one of two reactions occur. Either they fully support me and encourage me or they tell me in despair that they don’t believe my actions will do much good in the grand scheme of things. The weird thing is, no one seems to be opposed to the idea of being environmentally conscious.

This semester, I have had two main volunteer projects ongoing. The first was the collection of signatures for a petition that aims to preserve biodiversity. The second was to help the plight of the monarch butterfly which is facing extinction.

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