Santropol Roulant

by Do234 on March 10, 2015 - 12:42am

The Santropol Roulant was founded in 1955 by Chris Godsall and Keith Fitzpatrick. They were both waiters at Café Santropoul and were seeing the youths leaving Montreal in search of jobs because of the high unemployment rate in Montreal at this time. The idea of meals-on-wheels came up during these hard times with their desire to see a project run by young people.

Nowadays, the Santropol became an organization providing numerous volunteer opportunities.

First of all, you can help in the process of meals-on-wheels. You can choose between cooking the food in the morning, packaging it and cleaning the kitchen in early afternoon or distributing the food directly to people’s residence by car, bike, foot or bus in afternoon/evening. This service is offered to people with mental disabilities who can’t or don’t want to leave home, elderly people, people with phobias (ex: xenophobia) etc. You may have to talk to people if they want to.

The Santropol is also an actor in the development of urban agriculture. Actually, a small piece of land in Montreal’s West Island is cultivated during summers. It is the Senneville Farm project. Food is also cultivated on the rooftops of McGill University in order to provide fresh vegetables for the meal-on-wheels, neighborhood markets and the fresh baskets projects. From June to October, you will be asked to weed, water and harvest the plantations. You can also be a volunteer by joining Les Fruits Défendus to become a fruit picker. These fruits are then given to non-profit organizations that promote food security.

The SantroVélo community provides free workshops to teach people how to repair their bikes by themselves. When you master perfectly the art of repairing broken bikes, you can become a teacher yourself!

If you are interested in any of those volunteer opportunities, please contact Ben Finkelberg by email.


Santropol Roulant seems like a great non-profit organization that provides a lot of volunteer opportunities, but if you are looking for another non-profit organization that fights world hunger, there is Free Rice. Free Rice is mostly known for there educational website that offers games to play, and everytime a question is right, 10 grains of rice is donated. If you are interested, visit: