Big cat rescue is here to educate the world

by Emilie Victoria on March 16, 2015 - 8:41pm

Big cat rescue gives people the opportunity to see big cats and educate visitors about the realities of the endangered species. They rescue and care for exotic cats while telling their backstories, some kept as pets, others to guard large amounts of drugs, and provide educational facts such as; white tigers, while beautiful and majestic to look at they are the result of inbreeding and suffer often from birth defects. Purchasing these animals either as cubs from the wild or through the black market, Big Cat Rescue provides a healthy environment for the exotic cats to live the rest of their lives in peace and harmony. Getting to see the big cats up close while learning about the organizations efforts to save the animals is very important to the organization, their goal is to educate that these wild animals should not be kept in captivity or used as a means to an end for they are wild and belong in the wilderness.  



referring back to my super-post “Tigers, oh Tigers” talks about  endangered and exploited tigers and what we can do to conserve the approximate 3,500 tigers left in the wilderness, to conclude that people are ignorant to the issue of the exploitation of tigers and that we need to educate the public abut big cats, that they also do not belong in captivity. Education is key, and big cat rescue strives to do so by posting online to facebook and twitter, providing volunteering opportunities, videos online showing people that these animals are instinctively wild. Sources in the super-post, acknowledge that all over the world, big cats are being exploited, abused, used as pets, for money, trade etc… The superpose helps unveil the realities of how tigers are treated in captivity and big cat rescue helps improve the way of life of big cats that were in captivity. 


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