West Island Fund

by Maximum98 on October 19, 2017 - 12:39pm

The west Island floods that hit last spring are still affecting the victims to this day. An article published on October 7th by CTV news talks about how experts from around the world were meeting together to talk about the flooding while the victims of the flooding are still mad at the government for their intervention. Looking at this disaster, I have found a non-profit organization that can help the victim or the area. It is called the West Island Assistance Fund. According to the about page of their website which will be provided below their mission is to “Support and encourage cooperation between those that work towards the wellbeing of the community; Support and encourage development of initiatives that meet the essential needs of the community; Provide food, clothing and furniture to our community, as well as services supporting self-sufficiency.” Right now they are urgently looking for volunteers in their thrift shops and people to help at customer service. If you want to volunteer for them then you have to call (514) 683-0456 and ask for Nadine for more information or email them at info@fdoi.org.

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