Volunteer Opportunity, Sailing With AQVA

by Rice on October 16, 2017 - 11:07pm


Aqva, is a charitable and committed organisation, dedicated to “offering opportunities and resources to those who have mobility impairments.” They have a positive effect on these communities, by increasing their quality of life,activeness and social life through the wonderful sport of sailing. Often as it is shared, https://www.sharecare.com/health/physical-disabilities/how-mobility-impairment-affect-quality, being unable to accomplish tasks discourages people and leads to seclusion and desperation. This ongoing tragic reality is what Aqva strides to eradicate every single day through sport .Right now they are working on a revision of their governance, policies and procedures in the hopes of making 2018’s “Coupe du Québec regatta” even bigger and better . For example in 2016: they hosted the Mobility Cup regatta, organized a 20th anniversary celebration and did a major overhaul of their bathrooms and dock facilities. If you want to help in making this dream a reality for all, you can become a sailing companion, help in the rigging and derigging of boats or just help the overall facilities stay in a good condition.

Contact information:

AQVA - Head office

35 - 2025 Quesnel,  Montreal, Quebec,  H3J 2K9

Tel: 514-846-2171

Email: info@aqva.org


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