by Ilias on October 17, 2017 - 11:10am

“VertCité manages projects and offers help in sustainable development, while being a privileged resource in that subject for the population” [traduction by me]. They focus their effort in the Saint-Laurent borough by “managing an eco-shop; the event ‘Érablière Urbaine’ (urban sugar bush in French); the program ‘Quartier 21,’ which encourages local initiatives in sustainable development; and many urban agriculture projects” [traduction by me].  Recently, VertCité helped the inauguration of a park in the Saint-Laurent borough by distributing their harvest from their gardens. This organisation offers many volunteering opportunities, from translation to ecological crafting to operations of natural habitat cleaning. You can contact them by phone ((514)-744-8333), by email ( or at their office (685 Décarie Boulevard, local 100, Montreal, QC, H4L 5G4). There is also more information on their website, but it is in French.

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