Quebec School Drop Rate: Help Kids With School

by Justin on October 20, 2017 - 3:39am

In a previous post, the drop rate of Quebec's schools was adressed, and it was obvious that something is off with our system. As many causes were identified, one of them for sure is that school doesnt stimulate the interrest from kids/teenagers. In this post, there will be a link to an organization for volunteer work, to help kids with their homework and participation in school.




The goal of this organization is to stimulate their implication in participating in group activites/work, by providing a supervized environment in which kids attend to games/atritic development, to break isolation, and favorising a good and healthy diet. in 2016, They participated mostly in homework help activites, to help kids keep up with the pace of the class, ensure they dont fall behind and lose motivation to participate. Now, even though they still do help with homework, they are more focused on socializing activities with kids, to prevent them from isolating not only at school, but everywhere in life. 


Tel. : 438.380.0667


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