Quebec School Drop Rate: Help Kids With School

by Justin on October 20, 2017 - 3:50am

In a previous post, the drop rate of Quebec's schools was adressed, and it was obvious that something is off with our system. As many causes were identified, one of them for sure is that school doesnt stimulate the interrest from kids/teenagers. This organization aims to break isolation and help giving a better quality of life to kids who go to school in a more deprived environment. 

La Maison Des Familles:


This organization aims to help kids who live in more a deprived environment, to help give a better enjoyment of life, school, and give help to parents who can't always be there to take care of their kids due to work or other conditions. They have been providing help with babysitting and help to learn reading/count for very young children, aslo helping out with social activities with kids to ensure they do not isolate in a negative enironment. You can either volunteer with helping in the learning process with children or babysitting, at

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