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by Alisoncampbell on October 16, 2017 - 8:24pm

“It’s no secret that the Great Lakes are suffering tremendous ecological strain — Lake Erie was even pronounced “dead” for a time during the 1960s because of an overload of phosphorus from municipal waste.” This statement comes from Nick Walker, author of “Pollution in the Great Lakes” for Canadian Geographic. And it makes us realize that our great lakes are suffering and they are unbelievably important in North America. “One-quarter of Canada’s population and a 10th of America’s population drink from the Great Lakes basin.” Meaning these lakes supply a big part of the countries with water. If this situation keeps going it could become vert dangerous for our drinking water. And although this organization doesn’t operate in Montreal because the lake isn’t connected to the city and Montreal itself doesn’t have many organizations that work on cleaning our waters, this one works on Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario Waterkeepers is a group of people that accept volunteers whose mission is to Creating a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future. They’re two next projects are for volunteers to help mail their annual fall mail campaign to raise awareness so people could stop by whenever and help them get ready to mail all the information. The other project is simply for people in Ontario to send pictures of nearby streams, rivers so that their pictures can be added to a pollution reporting campaign. There are many opportunities for volunteers such as these over the whole year and to participate it is very simple. Any person interested in participating could just sign up directly on their website at this link: . And expect an email coming from them when they have new activities.


You are right, North American Great Lakes are concerned by many environmental issues. Since the last years, the Government of Canada has invested millions of dollars to help the great lakes water quality and its ecosystem health. You’re saying that if the situation keeps going this way things could become dangerous, but I wouldn’t say so. Many efforts are put in by the government to protect its Great Lakes and it’s not actually getting worse.

Lake Ontario Waterkeepers is a great example of helping group. Many of those projects are supported by the government and are working together to restore environmental conditions. I still feel like there’s many more options to help the Great Lake situation than adding images to a report campaign. Concrete example of helping the Great Lakes are to clean up contaminated sediment or improving municipal wastewater treatment systems.

Efforts are also provided from the United States in collaboration with Canada where both of them want to restore and maintain water quality in the Great Lakes.

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