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by AliciaFoisy on October 17, 2017 - 8:47pm

The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation lead to stories like Ainsley’s. With a big medical background, beginning when she was 11 months old, doctors first noticed that the little girl wasn’t hitting developmental milestones. Later on she started having seizure at multiple time. At this moment doctors at the Children’s started their investigation, “support for research into childhood diseases”, one of the three main point to achieve their goal: support excellence in care at The Montreal Children’s Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre. Dr. Elisabeth Simard-Tremblay started monitoring Ainsley, they learned that the seizures were happening way more often than we imagined. “Every time she seizes, it damages the good side of her brain,” she explained. “The seizures were killing her from the inside.” After this diagnostic, Dr. Simard-Tremblay and Dr. Jean-Pierre Farmer, the Children’s Surgeon-in-Chief offered a cure, which consisted in a “hemispherectomy – meaning disconnect half of Ainsley’s brain.” The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation reflected their goal on this situation, other cases like Ainsley may also need support for research, something the organization is giving.


The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation has like first goal to support excellence in care at The Montreal Children’s Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre. To achieve this goal the organization focusses their efforts on three main point: “acquiring cutting-edge medical equipment and supporting innovative programmes, support for research into childhood diseases, the advancement of teaching”.


The organization has many major projects for 2017-18. At first, there is “Déjeun’aide - Breakfast with Leaders”, on Friday November 17th of 2017, motivated students, young professionals and leader will meetup at the Centre Mont-Royal for a student-led charitable breakfast event in Montreal centered to connecting young professionals with business, social and corporate leaders. Tickets for this event are about $50 to $65, profits are all going to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. There is also the event “Pedal for Kids”.


For 2017, in its calendar, the Foundation has multiple events to come in which there are plenty of volunteer opportunities. On October 21, there is the “Soyons la solution”; on October 27, the Incognito Masked Ball; on October 29, the Madre Dei Cristiani Chruch Halloween Bash; on November 3, the SGB Casino Night; on November 4, the Splash & Dash, an so many others threw out the year. All these events are held in the community, the purpose of these is to raise funds for the Children’s young patients. To learn more about how to become involved, you can contact the volunteer coordinator, Phyllis Djoboulian: at 514-934-4846 ext. 29233 or There is also the Hospital’s staff and patients with whom you can work with, then contact volunteer services at The Children’s at 514-412-4400 ext. 22746. 

The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation

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