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by Alisoncampbell on October 16, 2017 - 8:18pm

According to a WWF article, “Water pollution in Canada and what you need to know” from March 25th, 2016 written by Written by Catherine Paquette. “Eight of the 11 watersheds currently assessed are classified as having high or very high pollution threat levels.”  In Canada, we have very high percentage of fresh water. Our Great Lakes alone contain 20% of the world fresh water who supplies water for 35 million people in North America. It is very important for us to work hard on keeping our water clean.

For this reason, organizations work hard on doing what is possible to keep the water clean. The company Action Scuba along with project AWARE organizes, among other things, dives in different areas of the world to pick up and clean the bottom of the waters and also the beaches around it. Since 2012 the organization has been part of the Project AWARE with which they organize “Underwater and beach clean-up activities, both here at home and on their travels Fundraising activities Scuba Diving in Montreal with Action Scuba and Project Aware, Support for petitions and causes. Conservation courses, including their new AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Course, Awareness efforts for shark protection, including support for the ban on shark fin products in Montreal, General awareness and promotion of conservation in everything they do and spearheading the campaign in Montreal to ban the trade of shark fins.” This year marked the organizations 20th year and they held many activities to celebrate. Including Beach and water clean ups and barbecues. Someone with scuba diving background could definitely join their clean up activities if they are interested. It is also possible to take courses with them and then finally join their dives. And for everyone joining their group courses 10$ per person will be donated directly to Project AWARE. To be part of the organization one can sign up directly on their website at this link:


Very interesting article thank you for sharing. I found an interesting website where they post articles about the environment I thought you might like it, the website is the following: I also found an organization that helps maintain the water and beaches clean. This organization is called Quebec-Labrador Foundation (QLF) and they raise awareness for issues that affect animal’s habitats such as the water and the beaches. They encourage young adults to take action and help improve the environment by volunteering their time to help others learn about the issues regarding the environment. One of their missions is to promote community-based approaches for conserving the environment and the protection of biodiversity. For more information, you could visit their website or call them at 514-395-6020.

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