by Alisoncampbell on October 16, 2017 - 6:24pm

According to a McGill article, “How much are we using?” The answer to that question is a lot. “The average Quebecer uses 400L of water per person, and, according to the Ville de Montréal, the average Montrealer uses 225 L of water per person.” The average Quebec uses more liters of water per person than the average Canadian overall who uses about 329 liters. These numbers could be reduced quickly if we were careful with our water uses.

This is exactly what the Programme D’economie D’eau Potable is trying to make people realize. This organization's goals are to, reduce the amount of water the Quebecers are using daily. Accompany Quebec municipalities in meeting their objectives on the Stratégie québécoise d’économie d’eau potable. They also want to lower the costs of production, treatment, and oversight of clean water in Quebec. Help everyone in doing their part to protect our clean water. This organization operates mostly during the summer and early fall as they do most of their presentations outside during events. This year alone the organization was present at more than 40 events or doing presentations in schools or even summer camps. And for 2018 they are planning on repeating the same events and hopefully adding more to their list. Their most important activity is the Journee Compte Goutes where the municipalities of Quebec are invited to watch their water wastes and every year a surprising amount of water is saved for both the days where the event is held. It is also a contest to see which city is the most careful with their water and does the most to save water. With this organization, people can go see them and listen to what they have to say. They can also take part in their activities to save water. The volunteering is quite different with this organizations because there are no activities someone could directly volunteer at but rather they are everyday things one may do to change their use of water. After listening to one of their presentations and the tricks they give, you can use these water saving tricks every day and basically be a volunteer for this organization by doing your part in consuming less water daily. For any questions about their activities or the Programme d’économie d’eau potable , the contact person and their information is: Geneviève David Watson Coordonnatrice Communications et programmes de sensibilisation, Réseau Environnement 514 270-7110 poste 343 gdwatson@reseau-environnement.com

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