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by danielam on October 21, 2017 - 9:00pm

        As the climate continues to change, more and more people are concerned about the future and they are encouraged to take action and try to improve the environment. On October 15, 2017, there was a Zero Waste Festival where 50 exhibitors sold “Zero Waste” items like clothes, food, and cosmetics. 3,700 people attended this festival and learned about this ideology and how they could implement it in their own lives. Many organizations are created for the purpose of taking action and improving the environment we live in. Just in Canada, there are more than 600 environmental organizations which purpose is to inform and encourage others to join them so that all of humanity can benefit from the resources. There are many organizations in Montreal but the three I will address in this post are ENJEU, CRE-Montreal, and QLF. These organizations hold different events similar to the Zero Waste Festival and many others that are a success with the help of volunteers and members.


       Environnement Jeunesse (ENJEU) was created in 1979 and is an organization in Montreal whose goal is to promote awareness and knowledge about the environment and its issues to young people in Quebec. ENJEU also encourages them to take action in order to improve the environment. “Environnement Jeunesse is a network that values the development of critical thinking and gives young people the opportunity to voice their concerns, positions, and solutions on current environmental issues” (ENJEU) http://enjeu.qc.ca/a-propos/. They also offer internships and jobs to “train a new generation of environmentalists” (ENJEU). They have a new project this year called the battery recycling contest in which any primary, secondary and college institute in Quebec can participate. The objective is to get recycle as many batteries as possible and the winners will receive money for scholarships. This contest lasts from August 2017- April 2018 and there is still time for institutions to register and the last day to register is November 1st 2017. They also have a Recycling Craft Show from December 1st to 3rd where many local artists and designers exhibit their creations made with reused materials. All of this is done for the purpose of informing the people about the environment and encouraging them to take action.

      There are no volunteer options mentioned on their website but you could become a member for $10 a year or $20 for three years. By becoming a member, you would benefit from discounts at their craft show, participate in contests for members only, share your ideas and opinions with the other members and attend every activity. For further information, contact the Executive Director Catherine Gauthier by email: cgauthier@enjeu.qc.ca or phone: 514-377-3114.


        Le Conseil Regional de l’environnement de Montreal (CRE-Montreal) is an independent non-profit organization that strives to promote sustainability in order to be able to protect the environment in Montreal. They work to apply strategies for the environment to advance by working with residual materials, transportation, water and air, climate change and others. Their mission is “to improve the quality of living environment and social equity on the island of Montreal” (CREMTL). They value respect for every group and individual, integrity by placing environment protection in perspective, equity in the importance of developing plans related to the environmental issues in Montreal, and creativity in order to develop innovative and practical solutions for the challenges facing the environment of the city. This month they have three events, one being a transport and mobility summit where they come up with solutions to encourage mobility in the city, another that is the meeting of partners where they talk about several upcoming projects in Montreal. The third event they have is the elections where members choose the next resident of the organization as well as the topics they will focus on for the next period. Also, every year they have a gala where the objective is for people to network and exchange ideas on how to improve the environment and life in Montreal.

            There is no volunteer option in this organization but you could become a member for an annual membership fee for $25. By becoming a member, you are able to participate in all of the events they have, share your views and ideas, take action and contribute on the issues, meet new people who are committed to improve the environment, learn how to improve the environment and find solutions to these issues, and much more. To become a member you need to go to http://www.cremtl.qc.ca/devenir-membre this link and fill out a membership form and join. After you would need to pay the fee and like that you can become a member of this organization. For more information, visit their website or call them at 514-842-2890.


            Quebec-Labrador Foundation (QLF) is an organization that promotes global leadership by encouraging the new generation to take action for the environment and to support the rural communities. “QLF seeks to empower communities and engage a global network of leaders to address shared community and conservation challenges worldwide” QLF. In this, volunteers are able to share their ideas, research, and experience with each other to and take what they learn to make a change. They have many projects that help the environment such as cleaning the beaches and ensuring humans are not disturbing animal’s habitats, researching ways of protecting the coast, the water, and its animals. They also have a Conservation Exchange Program where they exchange knowledge, experience, and ideas with people from all over the world like the Middle East, Honduras, Asia, and others. With this, they are able to learn about and try new strategies to improve their environment.

            In order to become an intern or a volunteer, you need to apply on their website by sending a cover letter and resume and they will hire students (high school, undergraduate, and graduate). They are looking for people that will educate children about the environment, conduct surveys and research on various topics, cleaning beaches, having communication skills and be able to use technology to promote QLF and write their experience. For more information and to apply for the internship contact Mégane Déziel, Manager of QLF Canada, MDeziel@QLF.org or call the QLF number 514-395-6020.


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