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by sarah_P on October 16, 2017 - 8:32pm

“ Since 2011, Violette Turgeon-Provost, 27 years old, has been marked with a cognitive decline” ( . Her mother, Chantal Provost, quoted “Ever since Violette was 4, she has been experiencing symptoms of memory loss, language and comprehension problems.” In 2014, Violette was diagnosed with Alzheimer and as her mother states, “From there, it was a free fall, as if she was parachute jumping and the parachute didn’t open at all” ( Today Chantal is seeking for help from specialists who could investigate in her daughter’s case. This is just another example of someone who is dealing with the Alzheimer’s disease and seeking help at organizations like Baluchon Alzheimer.

Baluchon Alzheimer is an organization located in Montreal that intents to help people with dementia diseases in the comfort of their home. It was created on April 8,1999 by Marie Gendron who’s goal was to facilitate the lives of these people by not moving them. Their mission is to offer support for caregivers who are dealing with taking care of their loved ones while respecting the values ​​established by the organization. They offer a break and peace of mind to the caregiver for a period of 4 to 14 days by taking the relay directly in their home. They support caregivers in the care of their loved ones by proposing interventions and strategies adapted to their own situation.

As stated, their goal is to “Provide a quality and accessible home-support service with an evaluation and follow-up. This organization values confidentiality and authenticity, respect for the autonomy of the person, respect for the private life and privacy and respect for dignity(

Baluchon Alzheimer has won three awards that includes being a finalist at the OCTAS in 2013 which is a contest that recognizes the creativity, dynamic and the industry's contribution to the society. They also won, in 2012, the excellence award offered by McGill University at the Generatology Seminar ( Lastly the organization got the 2011 department of health and social services excellence award.

If you want to join them and feel like you would contribute to their organization, they are continuously accepting applications from professionals. Send your resume at You can also become a member-friend of Baluchon Alzheimer by sending them a contribution of 20$ which will let you vote at the “annual meeting and at the reception of the L'entre’ide-memoire newsletter”. Just click on this link; membership.

This organization will change the lives of the people with dementia disease by taking care of them without having to move them in an assistance home care. The patients are now able to stay in the comfort of their home because of organizations like this.

To contact them:

10138 Lajeunesse Street, Suite 200, Montreal, Quebec. H3L 2E2




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