Till Debt Do Us Part: My Child’s Life Edition

by Nathalie on October 16, 2017 - 4:06pm


On October 16 2017, Sarah Kliff published an article, “The Problem is the Prices: Opaque and Sky High Bills Are Breaking Americans—and our Health Care System”, on Vox, about how medical bills can send a family into debt. The article recounts the story of “on September 28, 2016, a 3-year-old girl named Elodie Fowler slid into an MRI machine at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, California. Doctors wanted to better understand a rare genetic condition that was causing swelling along the right side of her body and problems processing regular food.[…] Fowler’s parents knew the scan might cost them a few thousand dollars, [but] they were shocked a few months later when a bill arrived with a startling price tag: $25,000. The bill included $4,016 for the anesthesia, $2,703 for a recovery room, and $16,632 for the scan itself plus doctor fees. The insurance picked up only $1,547.23, leaving the family responsible for the difference: $23,795.47.” Sadly, this story is not uncommon. Parents will do anything for their sick child to be healthy again. The problem is, sometimes, families do not have the money to pay for all these expenses. So what are they supposed to do? Kill their child to avoid debt or save their child and be drowning in medical bills?

Thankfully, there are organizations out there to help families struggling financially because of lengthy medical bills. The “Fondation Marie-Ève-Saulnier” aims to help out families who have children, who have been diagnosed with cancer, and who need financial support. They offer the possibility to parents to concentrate on their child’s illness by minimizing stress factors, such as money, and aiding in maintaining family life as normal as possible. Its founder, Linda Langlois-Saulnier, founded the organization in 1997, in honor of her daughter, Marie-Ève, who passed away in 1996 at the age of twelve. On November 6 2017, the foundation will be hosting their 10th edition of their benefit “Fourchettes et tendresse” and celebrating their 20 year anniversary. If you would like to donate, you may fill out this form and send it to fourchettesettendresse@o2mtl.com or call 514-875-2107.

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