SickKids: A Palace of Sunshine

by Nathalie on October 16, 2017 - 4:04pm


On October 5 2017, Cynthia Reason published “SickKids “Palace of Sunshine” offered helio-therapy for polio, tuberculosis” on

The Hospital for Sick Children’s Country Branch, also known as “Palace of Sunshine”, was a hidden gem in Thistletown for 26 years and is now a part of the Toronto Heritage Register Inventory as of May 8 2014. According to the Toronto City Council, “The Hospital for Sick Children […] has historic and scientific value, because it contributes to an understanding of the principles and evolution of healthcare, both physical and mental, for children and adolescents in Ontario and Canada […]. Addressing issues of long-term recovery, tuberculosis, polio and autism specifically, the practical care and research embraced a variety of concepts and methods which were increasingly focused on a holistic de-institutionalized approach that consistently encompassed the benefits of a natural landscape setting.”

SickKids Foundation is a foundation that believes that “fighting for the health and wellbeing of children is one of the most powerful ways to improve society.”

SickKids was founded in 1875 by Mrs. Elizabeth McMaster, a humanitarian, who “knew that something had to be done [when] almost half of recorded deaths in Toronto [between 1825 and 1875] were those of children under 10. [Through the] compassionate […] heart and clear of eye [of] Mrs. McMaster [,] […] with a group of equally forward-thinking women [,] opened a hospital […] 'for the admission and treatment of all sick children', regardless of their financial condition.”

Since then, SickKids has been helping children and financing, through donations, child health research. On October 22 2017 at 6:45 a.m. to 9:45 a.m., SickKids needs volunteers for The Scotiabank Marathon in Toronto. If you are interested in volunteering at SickKids please contact the organization at 416-813-6166 or 1-800-661-1083 or send an e-mail to

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