Features and Benefits

If you are teaching a course in 2013-2014 and would like to offer your students a unique platform in which to write and learn about the world and how to improve it register as a teacher.


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Benefits for Students

The site's design is intended to:

  1. Encourage reading, writing and debating about current events
  2. Improve critical thinking and deliberation skills by having students receive, give and respond to feedback
  3. Develop writing skills. Students experience their writing as open for response, review, revision, and improvement
  4. Develop media-literacy skills by exploring a variety of sources that discuss contemporary issues,  mainstream media, academic journals and/or blogs, depending on class curriculum.
  5. Develop open-mindedness and tolerance by facilitating discussions between students from different classes and countries
  6. Foster off-line civic engagement, by gaining insight into the perspectives, ideas and civic engagement of peers
  7. Provide a space for debate for students who, for a variety of reasons, might not feel comfortable engaging in discussions in a traditional classroom setting

Benefits for Teachers

  1. An engaging interface where students share ideas and collaborate across campus and national borders.
  2. A teacher’s forum and consultants to help teachers integrate writing and commenting at NewsActivist into curricula and help new teachers find partners to develop collaborative assignments.
  3. Privacy control options available to each teacher and student
  4. Responsiveness to user-requests, to the best of our ability.