Women’s Rights: How Volunteering for #ICantKeepQuiet will have an Impact

by Laura-Camille on April 2, 2017 - 5:18pm

During the majority of the semester, my blog posts have focused primarily on women’s rights in several different spheres of life. From women’s reproductive health to women’s relationship with the law, I have used examples of recent news stories to illustrate that there is still a need of feminism in the 21st century.

Unfortunately, finding news stories involving injustices against women every week is not difficult. An article by CBS News published on March 29, 2017 is one example of many injustices committed against women this week only. A judge ruling in the southern state of Veracruz, Mexico has sparked outrage, as Judge Anuar Gonzalez Hemadi granted an injunction to dismiss charges against one of two defendants accused of sexual assault of a teenager. The victim was dragged into a car by four men, where she was then allegedly sexually assaulted and raped. The judge, however, stated that “an incidental touching or fondling will not be considered sexual acts, if proof is not presented that it was done to satisfy a sexual desire”. This judge also said that was not “defenceless”, as she had been able to move to the front of the car after pleading her aggressors to let her go. This decision was heavily criticized amongst the public, as it is one of many examples where wealthy males are not punished for crimes of sexual nature in the country. Social media and other media outlets played an important role in making the case public, which lead to public outcry and the denunciation of the negligence of girls and women in the justice system.

To participate in the empowerment of women and the defence of women’s rights, I will volunteer by participating in the organization of the #ICantKeepQuiet gathering in Montreal. This movement is dedicated to celebrating women’s unique voices and identities in an effort to break the cycles of oppression and fear, perpetuated by today's media. Furthermore, it encourages women to speak up against gender-based injustices and prejudice. On April 8th, people in the United States and around the world are gathering to sing MILCK’s I Can’t Keep Quiet, the song that inspired the project. During the week of April 3rd 2017, I will attend a meeting discussing the event more concretely (including the location and the choir involved), and on April 8th, I will be in charge of the Facebook Live of the event. The day before, I will also be promoting and sharing it on social media.

My volunteering will address the issue of women’s rights around the world as it will sensitize people on social medias to the issue. Having the event livestreamed will also enable people who cannot be at the gathering in person to attend the event and show their support.

For the full CBS News article, consult this link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/mexican-sex-assault-1.4046889.

To learn more about #ICantKeepQuiet, see the official website: https://www.icantkeepquiet.org/about/

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