The SPCA needs you!

by AmandaMcc on March 7, 2017 - 6:17pm

On Decmeber 23 2016, the Humain Society International/ Canda rescued over 110 dogs from the Chinese dog meat festival in China. In the article, "Saved from dog meat, 32 dogs find a home in Montreal" written by Elysha Enos, Enos discuss the rescue of the dogs and how out of the 110 only 32 where transported to the Montreal SPCA. She tells the readers the dogs were sent to the SPCA  becuase they had veterinarians and animal behaviourists on hand. When the dogs were brought in, they were severely emacited and covered in wounds. The Humain Society says that the dogs are in need of care and attention and a good home. For more information please read the article and click on the link:


The SPCA is a well known organization that most people know about, but were most likely not aware that the SPCA is always looking for volunteers to come help out with the animals. The SPCA’s goal is to protect animals against “negligence, abuse, and exploitation, to represent their interests and ensure their well-being and to raise public awareness” and help develop sympathy for all living beings. The SPCA welcomes volunteers year round and does not focus on big projects. While most of the daily necessities such as general shelter cleaning, the animal care and administration and inspection are carried out by their hired staff, the SPCA asks for people to help them take care of the needs of the animals that cannot be attended to by their staff. For example, helping the SPCA find the animals a good home. To help find their owners if the animal is lost or to find the animal a temporary home. The SPCA have many different teams that you can help in. Such as volunteer adopter greeter, where you would be interacting with visitors who come to the Montreal SPCA to adopt an animal. Your tasks would include greeting and guiding people, answering their questions, and observing the animals being viewed in the adoption rooms to ensure they are comfortable and safe. Or you could work on the animal care team. You would be responsible, depending on the time of day, to participate in washing the blankets, bowls and cages of the animals, as well as to enhance the environment of the cats. There are many different options for people to choose from. To contact them for more information, please contact them at this e-mail, along with your name and contact information. If you want general information contact them at this e-mail, I found this information on Google.


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