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by pascaleworld on March 7, 2017 - 4:33pm

Lately, the issue around environment has been extremely important. For example, we've heard a lot about Trump's famous pipeline in Dakota that will pollute the Native Americans'  water, but America is not the only country having environmental issues, it happens here in Canada too. An article published the 25th of February in 2017 on L' avantage's website by Jean-Philippe Langlats rises the importance of pressing the issue to our government for 100% reusable energy. The use of fossil fuels are a threat for the environment and it is important to change our energy. Green Peace Canada was part of the organizations that reported the issue. The source seems reliable enough as it is not the only newspaper who reported the issue and you can easily contact the author for more information at this email: . Green Peace is one of the organizations who is taking a major role in protecting and conserving the environment from activities like Trump's pipeline. As it is a big and international organization, they have many campaigns and projects that you can join everywhere in the world, it is also accessible in Canada. 


You can volunteer at Green Peace by looking at their website where they provide you many differents way to involve yourself in the organization for the environment. In two days, on the 9th of March, Green Peace has even organized an orientation for new volunteers that want to be part of it in Vancouvert. You can get involved in many different ways such as volunteering directly in actions, but you can also raise the awareness about the environment by speaking in schools or communities. It is also possible to join the local movements of Green Peace if you want to be more self-organized. For Toronto, you can become a Green Speaker to help educate students about climate change in Canada. In every cases, you will follow a program to become more informed on the matter. You can even help people organize the events or paint banners for them. 


To be part of Green Peace's volunteering team, you can contact or . 




Hello, you contain some strong points and you are right that the environment needs attention. However, I believe that volunteering for Greenpeace may not be the best way to contribute to the environment in a positive manner. They do have good projects like you have mentioned like conserving the environment from activities like Trumps pipeline, but their lack of research on some environmental issues causes problems. Greenpeace has tried to eliminate chlorine worldwide, not realizing that this basic water sanitation can prevent diseases for the under developed countries Besides drinking water, our pharmaceuticals contained chlorine that happen to be effective towards our health. Not to be forgotten that Greenpeace had also opposed the idea of Golden Rice because they think GMO’s are bad so Golden Rice must be also. However, Golden Rice contains Beta-Carotene, which will help the under developed countries because of the high vitamins the rice contains.

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