Are you born to rise?

by B.Matthews on March 2, 2017 - 4:15pm

The Born To Rise foundation is a non-profit organization that explores and brings awareness to self-confidence, acceptance of others, anti-bullying and other relevant issues. The founder of this organization, Aisha Robinson spreads her message of living with vitiligo, a disease that affects the pigmentation in the skin. Her message is spread around schools, camps, boys & girls club, etc. Her personal goal is to promote support towards the empowerment of youth. In order to contact the foundation you must send a message personally through the website, and or you can privately send a message to their Facebook page ( I am currently speaking with the project manager of this non-profit organization about the volunteer opportunities available because I may choose to help out this organization as my project later on in the semester. However, I have not been able to obtain the specific opportunities that are available to volunteer with this non-profit organization. Although, Born to Rise is actively searching for individuals to share their stories about their journey. The information that I was able to obtain from this non-profit organization showed the age range of people who are invited to participate (6-21 years of age). On April 22nd, 2017, Born to Rise is holding their 3rd annual show that allows for Montreal’s community to join and speak about their obstacles that have occured through their life. This organization is important because it allows for young adolescents and other age groups to join a supporting community and to speak about the problems they have faced. Doing this may allow for less stress to develop in a person's life. For further information on possible volunteering opprotunities, please contact the Born to Rise Foundation. The link is placed below:) 

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I'm Brianne, this is my final semester at Champlain College and I am currently studying social science: education option. On my past time, I enjoy learning musical instruments, and practicing the ones that I currently study.