The A21 Campaign

by Mila NY on March 7, 2017 - 4:31pm

The A21 Campaign


The A21 Campaign is an anti-human trafficking organization. Their goal is to raise awareness on modern slavery and abolish it. They are currently promoting the "Reach, Rescue, Restore” strategy, which consists of preventing vulnerable individuals from being trafficked, work with law enforcement to seek justice against traffickers, and provide victims with counselling, education, employment, etc.They currently have offices in 12 locations around the globe and are offering volunteer opportunities to the youth aged 18 and up. Opportunities include marketing for the A21 Campaign through social media, operating in shelters to help victims, and writing about the human trafficking issue. You can also volunteer in their Walk of Freedom, a large awareness event that occurs annually in 40 countries. It is a walk to promote freedom and justice for all, and to shift awareness to action. People can participate in the walk or host one in their city:



Human trafficking is a serious issue, no matter where the location is. Vulnerable individuals are being kidnapped and lured into that world of criminal industry, and many of them are hidden from or unreported to the police. By being involved in the A21 Campaign, one can help the organization expand and find victims of human trafficking. It has already saved victims and shared survivors’ stories to educate others about the issue. Their campaigns, such as Walk of Freedom, are done to prevent the exploitation of humans and to raise donations to supply for the survivors.

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