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  • Reply to: seeking Collaborators for a Winter 2016 class: Seiminar in Critical Issues in Business   5 years 10 months ago

    Hi Paula,
    My class will be publishing a long piece next Tuesday, March 8. It would be great if your class could comment on these longer pieces which should be quite interesting as related to the economy and to politics, in many cases. Can you assign your students to comment on my class's work between the 8th and 11th? I can give them an assignment to respond to your class's work during that same time period, if you can have yours publish some work by the 8th that would be looking for feedback.
    Here is the text of the assignment that my students will be completing by March 8 and let me know what your students will be posting about next: “SuperPost”: 12%
    Location Comment: 3%
    Both due March 8 at 9:30 AM

    Superpost requirements
    You will submit one “Super-post”, in which you summarize and incorporate ideas from three or more sources all about the same general issue: animals, environment, crime and law, etc., from the list of subjects at newsactivist. At least one article must be local (about something that took place within Quebec and in a Quebec-based publication), another source must be about a story that took place in another country. The location of the third publication you choose is up to you. Use these different locations of sources to make connections between local and international news. Consider the difference in way the issue is reported from different locations or how the same issue is treated in different places and tell your reader about the impact location has on the issue. Dig deep for some insight here. Keep in mind, the general issue you consider in this “Super-post” may be the issue you will continue to research this year.
    This post should be written in the form of a short essay, with a brief introduction naming the sources you will be describing and the general issue to which the sources relate. The body paragraphs can summarize the information in the way you determine to be most interesting and clear. Drawing connections between local and global issues will be a way to contribute something new to this issue and make your post unique. Your conclusion will describe either:
    - Your view on the issue and a suggestion about a way the issue could be addressed.
    - Or, you can conclude by noting how the impact of location of reportage/journalism/publication impacts the issue’s media coverage.

    Links to the news articles should be given within the text and please include MLA style bibliographic information at the end of the post.

    Comment requirements
    After you have submitted your superpost, you will teach another newsactivist user about the impact of location you discovered and articulated in your superpost. In your comment, start by making a positive comment about the original post. Then, share a way in which your discovery about the impact of location might be useful for the original post’s author to have in mind as they continue to consider the issue they addressed.

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    Hi Paula,
    I suggest our students go back and forth using this site and not synchronously until the end of the semester if they choose.
    In other words, mine post and yours comment on my students work and your students post and my students comment.
    You and I could Skype and discuss workflow! Or we can do it here.
    For example, this week, by tomorrow morning (February 2) my students will have focused writing on a part of the world they feel needs improvement and considered the reliability of the source they are choosing to use. Next week, they will write about a part of the world that they feels needs improvement, but will focus on their own personal story as it is associated with the news summary. We move forward weekly with increased depth and complexity. My students would love your students to comment at any point about how business is affected or affects the issue they are writing about. If your students write about something, mine can comment on their posts, integrating some of the work they are doing as the substance of the comments, be it about reliability of sources etc.
    Let me know if you'd like to chat in person, via email, or right here!

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    I have students who I think would love to collaborate with your class, especially in addressing how business, when socially motivated, can be impactful in improving the world. My class is not about business, but will be posting about problems in the world starting this week. It would be great for your students to teach mine about certain aspects from your course that interact with the news. My students can be asked to comment on the work submitted by your students at certain junctures as well.
    Let me know if you want to talk about this in person or comment below giving me a sense of your timelines!


  • Reply to: Collaborative course January-May 2016   5 years 12 months ago

    Hi Sarah,
    Sounds good. I will keep your dates in mind and let you know what my students will be asked to do in the weeks prior to your comments.


  • Reply to: Issues for improving NewsActivist from ECQ 2015 users   6 years 11 months ago

    We need to make the student "bio" visible on their profile page so teachers who assign the completion of a bio as an activity can easily find this work- also, it will encourage students to engage with their newsactivist page and give a reason to the bio section on the registration form
    This will be resolved ASAP.

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    No problem with keeping things as they are. The ethics class will have submitted abstracts in time, but the final projects in my complementary newsactivist course will not have been submitted until the 8th; I thought that might have been interesting for your class to see. However, there will be plenty across both sections already posted to be of interest to your class.

    Thanks for clarifying how your school's policies keep things rigid in terms of schedule! I'll keep it in my mind.

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    Hi Sarah,
    Looking at my calendar, I would like to have student submit the posts most interesting for your "comment 2" assignment to be due on May 8- can you assign your classes the commenting assignment at that time, later than indicated above?

  • Reply to: Seeking partner for two courses running Jan-May from Montreal: 1. Media Literacy/Volunteerism and 2. Ethics   7 years 2 weeks ago

    Hi Paula,
    I will google Enactus- can you tell me what the club does and how supporting my students in creating and enacting volunteer projects might fit within the mission of the club?


  • Reply to: Collaboration sought for Fall 2014   7 years 5 months ago

    Hi Keith,
    I'll be teaching an ethics course this fall. It is quite likely that my students will be asked to explore several classes on the site and to point to ethical issues/theories/principles that bear on the writing shared at the site. Further, each student will be posting news summaries, often local, that indicate a part of the world where something less-than-ethical is going on, and over the semester, will develop a portfolio of writing around an issue that resonates with her. They will explore both theoretical issues and practical issues that make it difficult to resolve the issue, presenting the dilemma inherent in the case, and by the end of the semester, attempt to make an editorial-style argument about how and why we should deal with the problem.
    Although only certain pieces of our courses may align, I wanted to encourage you to think about how we might have our courses intersect- perhaps just around sense-of-place and the research paper. Let me know what you think!

  • Reply to: Abstract: Research on Cyberbullying and its Repercussions on Youth   7 years 8 months ago

    You have research a very troubling issue, I think it’s great that you care about it. I have also research about mental illness and I found that the younger the individual develops a mental illness, the longer it will last and it has a higher chance of resulting in other disorders. In addition, it’s true what you say that some cases of bullying can lead to suicide. I recently volunteered at an aboriginal shelter where most of their participants have experienced sever bullying from society as a whole and still to this day, they're struggling with their mental well-being. It is important to address the issue of bullying and the negative effects it has on the individual.