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    Hi Gabe,

    My students are being asked to write 2 posts on gender (one analyzing a sexist ad, another critically reviewing an article that deals with masculinity in some way). They will also be asked to do 2 comments. The instructions have already been distributed, so I can't tell them specifically to comment on work done by your students, but I can strongly encourage it. Comment dates are February 19 and April 8. The class is a World Views at Marianopolis and there are 2 sections.

    Sarah Waurechen

  • Reply to: Raven’s mistake   6 years 1 month ago

    I agree with many of the points you made and I think your post was strongly written. The reason I’m commenting is because I think the subject of discrimination in the hiring process is an important conversation that needs to be had. Other than just racism as an aspect we should also be looking at sexism as a possible way of discrimination. What if instead of white vs. black sounding names we also factored in female vs. male names?

    As you may already know white men are much more favored in the hiring process. This has to do with preconceptions against people of colour and women. There are many theories as to why this happens but the main reason is because people are more likely to hire people who reflect themselves. In many cases employers who don’t consider themselves sexist still hired male candidate over female ones, even though they had identical CV’s. I’m sure the same stands for people of colour. Moreover, there is a term used for people who fit into two or more visible minorities, that word is intersectionality. Having these forms of prejudice in act in the hiring process can cause the occurrence of wide spread unemployment and a wage gap amongst genders.

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    This really draws me in, because it hits close to home. I am not Islamic, but I do have family members who are extremely single-minded and are what you can call racist. It sad to see that poor little young girl Khadeja Fahat, had to be tormented every day by her classmates because of the way she dressed, and what she believes in. Today children should be thought at a young age different types of nationality, and what great things that have to do with it, and not the negative things. It is not only she but there are so many stories that have to do with the discriminating of Muslims. The more terrorist attack that will happen, the more nationalities will be divided, this is why we should educate not only the children but their parents as well. If you think about it, children are not born racist, but it is the parents who make their kids believe in these ridiculous ideologies. This is even worse for female Muslim students, have you noticed most of the articles about discrimination of Islamic people have to do greatly with women. Already today in our society if you believe in Islam, it is already bad, but add being a female to the list. Just like Malala Yousafzai female activist voices her opinion on how females should be taken more seriously, get an education, and not be afraid of whom they are just because society tells them to. This is what we should be telling the world, and especially our younger female peers. Another story was that a mother of four, and her husband were on a Delta flight, and one woman in the airplane yells out, “ THIS IS AMERICA.” For no apparent reason, and stories like this happen so many times. People are Islamaphobic, and we as a team have to help fix this problem.

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    What drew me to this post was your title, I didn’t really know what it was about but it caught my eye, and I’m glad it did. The topic of discrimination during adolescence is very important and you’ve clearly demonstrated that in your post. Of course, we know that being a teenager or young adult is already stressful enough, and adding something like discrimination into the mix is even more stressful. With the media telling us how to look and act and who to dress like, the teenage years become very difficult. As well as having a significant effect on boys of all races, the media also has a large effect on girls, particularly girls of different races other than white. Whether you’re scrolling through twitter and tumblr or watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, a lot of the images and models we see are of white women. This has an effect on young girls who are not white because they don’t see people who look like them being represented, which is why representation in the media is key. It would also make it easier for girls of all different races to love their bodies and their skin. A good example of this is are the #BlackIsBeautiful and #BlackOut hash tags on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, as well as many other social media web sites. These hashtags promote positive body image for girls and women of colour and create a community of people to support one another. You can read about #BlackOut in the link below!

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    I chose to comment this article because the topic is of interest to me and because I am a fan of
    the National Basketball Association. The N.B.A is a multicultural league with players of different races.
    that is why a team owner being racist being racist has caught my attention. The owner of the team was
    racist towards black males, which dominate that the sport. Does the stereotype of black males off the
    court effect the way he views on the court. The punishment enforced on Donald Sterling was a good
    one. A 2.5 million dollar fine and lifetime ban is a clear message to those who are racist. I think it is
    unacceptable to be racist in an organization like the N.B.A, which generates most of the revenue off of
    black males. To own a N.B.A franchise is very special, that is why it puzzles me to why he would blow
    such an opportunity. I believe that his actions are due to power, being the owner of the franchise,
    he thought that he would get away with his actions. Donald sterling will be a lesson to the world. This
    raises the question, is he the only one …..

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    I chose this post "House for Rent: Not you, you're native" because the title really intrigued me. It's very surprising to see that race and ethnicity are still big problems to some. I feel that it is extremely cruel and unreasonable to refuse someone that is native from renting a home. Discriminating someone for such a thing is wrong. Also I find it rather shocking that the landlords would feel so comfortable with stating in their rental post that they will reject natives. It's sad that the First Nations are being discriminated against based on negative stereotypes. To further prove your point that discrimination is wrong it may be interesting to add a gender lens to this post. For instance Harvard University recently did a experiment based on how women are often discriminated against when applying for a job. Harvard University sent the exact same job application letters to numerous companies however one had the name Jack and the other Jill and 40% more often Jack was considered the most qualified rather than Jill. Men seem to get the position rather then women because they are seen as ambitious, confident and outspoken and women are seen as timid, shy and passive however that may not always be the case although it does lead the employer to pick the male. In conclusion I believe that we shouldn't be discriminated against based on negative stereotypes.

  • Reply to: Yet Another Case of Getting Away With Murder   6 years 3 months ago

    I am commenting on this issue because this article obviously shows the racism based on skin color. Racism is a global issues and still a big problems around the world. Why is it when there is a robbery or any serious crimes they always pointing their finger to the people with color? All of us have equal rights to live. Based on the police brutality that happened, it seems that when a police arrested a black man and he is in the vicinity where the crime happened, on thing for sure, police will arrest that man without questioning. Intersectionality describes how the different systems of inequality, discrimination or oppression overlap and reinforce one another. Stop judging people based on how they look and what they are. However, the real misunderstanding is about how people treat each other whether you are white, black, and Asian. We are also responsible to teach our future children to respect all kinds of people of what they are and how do they look like. It is basically how are parents teach us to respect other people not to discriminate or judge them. It is humiliating to judge a person of how they look like. Ignorance is what they call when you humiliate a person just because of what color they are.

  • Reply to: Racial Stereotypes and Crude Labelling   6 years 3 months ago

    I have decided to comment your article , the topic of the article and the statement made is very strong. Being a black man , it caught my attention because you refer to us young black men as thieves. Another reason that your article has caught my attention is because we have discussed as a class about stereotype and racism in the media. Your article is clear, but can be taken the wrong way. As African american & canadian men , we are look at as thugs & thieves with wild minds , while the more proper black man is given less attention. Due to the fact that the media shows us being like gangsters most of the time,it impacted this article on the topic of black men because this is how the most people view us. To me , it is not racist but can be taken the wrong way if one does not put thought into the message given because it seems very targeted towards blacks. The author made this article very interesting and strong , by using media as the reason , he had avoided being racist. Very good article , strong message.

  • Reply to: What is Black Excellence?   6 years 3 months ago

    I am impressed by your post and your concise writing! I do agree on numerous points that you addressed namely that black people experience more pressure than white people do. The racism is so strong, it’s hard to believe that some white people cannot recognize Serena Williams’s true talent because of the color of her skin. As a tennis fan and ex-player, I have been aware of the wage gap between the “good-looking blonde girls” (often Russian women) vs the William sisters. It’s quite astonishing that Maria Sharapova (who won 5 Grand Slams,) compared to Serena Williams (who won 21 Grand Slams) has a higher net worth. It’s clear that proof of talent by winning isn’t as rewardable to black women as it would be to white women. I believe this issue can be attributed to the unearned privilege of white women. Often more than not, white women are unaware of this privilege and in a recent case, a white women holding an important political position in the U.S.A has a created controversy. If you are interested in reading more about her, and the “privilege” issue, here's the article;

  • Reply to: Police vs. Minorities   6 years 3 months ago

    Well written article, with a great topic.

    I believe many factors played a role in this tragedy. Some relating to Sandra herself as well as the police officer.

    First off, Sandra Bland was a black African-American woman, but was also a black rights activist. It is very unlikely that the cop knew that, although may still have affected that outcome. When the officer told Sandra to put out her cigarette, he had no lawful right to force her. Sandra most likely was aware of this and did not want to be a part of the abuse of power police often commit ain the mistreatment of minorities. Therefore she refused, the cop took this as her undermining of his authority and did not like this. He wanted to impose his dominance in some way which is why he made it escalate. This can be related to what people call the "man box". Which are certain traits that traditional men should have, one of which is dominance.

    Secondly, the issue is intersectionality which also plays a role. It is when deferent forms of discrimination overlap each other. In this case misogyny and racism. Already being a black person you are part of a minority, but being a black female is part of an even smaller and more targeted minority. So the fact that she wasn't following every order definitely bothered him much more than if it were another race or gender.

    All these issues need to be addressed if we, as a society want to undergo a noticeable and sustainable change. I hope most realize this change is necessary. A percentage of the people who are hired, trained and payed to protect civilians sometimes do more harm than good to the civilians they are there to protect. Even worse the issue at large is an intersectional problem. I am optimistic, since so many people acknowledge the issue. So by spreading the awareness in any means possible, you are countering it, which I thank you for.