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  • Reply to: How admit refugees   5 years 11 months ago

    Thank you for your 2 comments. I will answer your both comments.
    For first one, I think bringing in refugees bring us new ideas, and it will good work for globalization of Japan as I said in my article.
    Next, I think we don't have a right to force them to be labor to boost our economy, but the day that they have to work to live there will come either way if refugees enter the country.
    I would like to hear your opinion about it.

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    Thank you for your comment. I'm happy to hear that. By the way for answering your question, I don't know well about the circumstances of other countries so I don't have epoch-making idea for where the refugees could go. But it is sure that there is the countries have already announced accepting them like Germany therefore I think if the refugees don't chose countries, they could find the countries will accept.

  • Reply to: TPP opinion   5 years 11 months ago

    HI I don't know (;))

    Your paper was really interesting to read. You said that 14.8% of the people living in poverty would profit from the TPP, but that the small farmers would suffer from it. I think most people in poverty living in developing countries are people who couldn't succeed with their farming and were not able to get a good education because of the lack of money and the need to work even as a child to support the family. I think the TPP will only result in more people being poor, as if the small farmers are getting pushed out of the market by foreign goods, how will the people in poverty get a job to pay for the cheap food?

    I agree with you about the environment, there should be an agreement to do the transport as green as possible, actually ot only for the TPP but in general, still, I believe the main focus for these politicians will be how to make the most money, no matter whether everything around us is telling us, that we are wrecking our environment.

    I think you are right with the protection of jobs and environment, but I think the first step that would ease the public's mind would be for the contract to be shown to the world. There is so little information about it and it is not sure how reliable they are. The US and other nations are supposed to have a democracy, but a secretly made contract affecting so many people can hardly be called democratic. In an newspaper article it was said that the US is part of the TPP because China is economically raising. Do you believe so, too?

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    I agree with you that it is important to discuss and that those meetings are certainly not easy. However, these politicians are not showing any information with the public, so it will be difficult to say how it will turn out. Most politicians will probably just try to get the economically best contract for their country. I also have still to learn a lot about the TPP and will try to follow the news.

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    I might have not expressed myself so clearly, but I don't think very well of the TPP. I think as they don't show the public what the TPP exactly is, it makes me think that not much good will come out of it. Even if I tried to find some good aspects in it, the secrecy with which they decide over the heads of thousands of people, who will be affected by this contract the most, makes me uncomfortable and also a bit angry. We only know little of it, as someone was able to leak some information about it. My paper doesn't show anything useful, it is just a collection of the bits and pieces from newspapers, so the best way to learn about it, is to follow the news I guess. As for Japan, there will be positive and negative effects like in the other countries, but as far as I have learnt, it will mostly be the already rich people who will profit and if wildlife and environment was their concern, they could do a separate agreement. For example the way that many countries are still not willing to reduce their CO2 exhaust into the air lets me doubt whether this part of the contract will be making any changes.

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    I still don’t have good English skills, so it was very difficult to understand. However, I know what you are telling readers. Japan already participated in TPP. Many Japanese famers against to join it, but the government didn’t listened to them. In my opinion, I think the government should hear the opinions of citizens. Imported food is cheap, but I think maybe it’s dangerous, because probably there are contaminants mixed in food.

  • Reply to: An American Highschool Student's observations about Free Trade   5 years 11 months ago

    I read your writing and thought it's good. I couldn't believe that many younger people think about globalization. I simply don't know about NAFTA, so I would like you to tell me about NAFTA.

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    Thank you for your comment. You said that “We think that they have people in there that will turn to terrorists once they come in the country and that is why people do not tend to accept the fact that people want to come in the country with open arms.” I agree with your opinion. If my country accept many refugees from Syria, I’m scared of the refugees because of the reason.

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    Thank you for your comment. I didn’t know much about Canada, so of course I didn’t know that Canada has two official languages. I think the law is very unique. I have never learned French, so I don’t know how difficult to study it. However, I think many refugees will study it if they are accepted to settle in Quebec. I think maybe your country is the best place for refugees. Thank you for your suggestion. I will read the two articles.

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    Thank you for your opinion. I surely argued for the TPP, but I didn't like the terms and effects so maybe my feeling was implied kind of against. I think building and supporting our own countries is people and many small farms and companies, so we would not be able to ignore their opinion and situation.