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    It's real and yes, Alyson was so happy for what I did. I was also scared of direction but I didn't want to lose her so I did what I did.

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    Everyone stole candies in their life...

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    It's like Clay in 13 reasons why, when they forced him to drink alcool, but they weren't their friends... cool story.

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    I don't know if this is a real story, but if it is I don't know how you did it. When I was younger I was such afraid of the direction. I went into their office one time and I was petrified because I was so scare of them. I also hope that Alyson was grateful for what you did for her. Anyway, you are a courageous person because I am not sure that I would have done it.

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    It's a really good story, I like the way you wrote it. Your story has many details ; we are able to picture the story in our head. Your story reminds me when I was younger. I have two older brothers and I always wanted to impress them. I did things just to prove them that I was able to do it even though I knew it wasn't always good.

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    I'm surprised that John managed to get away without having to meet the police because breaking a window can be a crime of destruction of property. Maybe his girlfriend didn't call the police because she felt a bit guilty of cheating.

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    It's not that bad that you took the burger in my opinion because it reminds me of one time where my mother ordered a pizza with 3 packs of fries at the local restaurant but when she came back home she found out that there was 7 packs of fries instead of 3. She called the restaurant right away but they told her to keep them because of some kind of laws or hygienic rules.

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    That man must have been really mad to push a young teen on the ground. I'm sure shouting would have been enough to scare a boy.

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    I really enjoyed reading your essay. i really like Ghibli from I were child, so your essay was very interesting. And I was surprised at the year of Studio Ghibli established. I thought it has a long history, but very young studio. I did not care what is the message they want to tell us through their movie, but after reading your essay, I want to know the meaning their movie has. Thanks to your essay, I can enjoy Ghibli's movie more and more.