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  • Reply to: Parents Defend 7-Year-Old Mykayla Comstock’s Medical Marijuana Use   7 years 1 month ago

    : I think that it is moral for a kid to consume medical illegal drugs, when she is dying, in order to avoid pain and suffering. As you explain in your case study, the kid had leukemia and was taking medical marijuana to cop symptoms. According to the utilitarianism principle, it is moral, because the action is causing more pleasure or enjoyment, because it`s avoid pain. You can also read the given link an interesting paper on medical drugs and morality (

  • Reply to: Becoming a Better College Student   7 years 1 month ago

    : As a college student, I completely agree with you, that college student that we should improve our learning techniques. You made a good point, taking about sleep deprivation and multitasking. In your paper, you suggest that to have a good time to sleep increase the learning ability. I can say that you are actually right, because as personal experience, when i sleep about 7 or 8 hours, I am more able to be concentrated and retain what I previously learned in class. For more information, you can also see the given website (
    That is talking about studies on sleeping time correlated to learning.

  • Reply to: Do you really need to commit to this man box ?   7 years 2 months ago

    I decided to answer to your post because I wanted to know what exactly the ‘man box’ was. Now I understand better: the Man Box is based on stereotypes about men and can be influenced by social pressure. It is based on the expectations of the society. However, don’t you agree that a lot of groups can also put in this kind of ‘box’?
    Our society has high expectations about genders’ roles. Like you said, men are expected to be strong physically and mentally, and women should be passive, lovely and are seen as weak. So women also have this kind of box. Some men do not like playing sports and some are very emotive and they are still men. I somewhat agree with you when you say that women are one of the causes of this concept. Yes, women can have high expectations about men. Some expect ‘’their man’’ to be a ‘’real man’’. But what does it means? Again, like you said, a ‘’real man’’, regarding the society, is the tough guy. However, isn’t it a little bit stereotyping women saying this? I think men stressed themselves a lot with that, and not all women are looking for a tough guy. Today, women begin to be more independent, they need less protection. They want to have as much as rights as men and they want to achieve the same status. But again, it is hard to get out of this box, because it is an idea that was socially constructed, just like racism. Once an idea created, it is hard to remove it, because an idea is not concrete. Men are not the only ones that can be put in this box. Some ethnic groups are too. I think there is a link to do between genders’ roles and racism: both are based on appearance, both experience discrimination and both are stereotyped. I think there is a lot of misinterpretation in all that. People should open their eyes and understand that no groups can be put in a ‘box’. Humans created this concept; just humans invented social expectations. Therefore, the only way to get rid of these stereotypes would be to talk openly about the subject and only time will tell if human can progress.

  • Reply to: Cheating in Sports   7 years 2 months ago

    Good point in your article. You state that it is immoral to use drugs, in order to have an advantage on others. According to your statement, we can use Kant`s theory, saying that if everyone was using drugs in sports, it could be self-defeating, because everybody in this case is acting immorally. You can also look on ¨¨ where all the theory is explained.

  • Reply to: Cheating in Sports   7 years 2 months ago

    Good point in your article. You state that it is immoral to use drugs, in order to have an advantage on others. According to your statement, we can use Kant`s theory, saying that if everyone was using drugs in sports, it could be self-defeating, because everybody in this case is acting immorally. You can also look on ¨¨ where all the theory is explained.

  • Reply to: Serbians and Albanians decide to settle their political problems in a soccer field   7 years 2 months ago

    I did a lot of research on the Serbs’ ethnic cleansing that occurred in the spring of 1992. This is one of the major reasons I decided to answer to your post. I have learned about their past history and I have discovered the atrocities that occurred within the ethnic groups. As you might know, Serbs wanted to form a Great Serbia which led to genocide. Many different ethnic groups were involved, and Albanians were one of them.

    Your post is the continuity of my researches, because it shows the impacts of the ethnic tensions many years later after the genocide, and I find it very interesting to conclude that tensions are still there. I though men were able to move forward…but as your post suggests it, tensions and hatred that happened many years ago can be still present in a country. As you said, these tensions exist since decades. I am surprised to see how time is not sufficient in terms of doing progress. So how much time will it take for human to move forward regarding the concept of racism?

    In your article summary, you said it was politically accepted that no representation of the Albanians ethnicity (in any form) was allowed. It is awful to see that politics have such immoral values. I agree with you when you said that political problems have no reason to be on a soccer field. As you said, sports should bring people together. Also, I think people should dissociate politics with these kinds of events. However, it is somewhat impossible because pasts historical tensions will always have an impact on how two countries will play against each other on a field for a game. I think vengeance is a powerful motivation in these kinds of situations. I know it is important to consider the historical context when we discuss about racism. However, I think that in some cases, the past should be forgotten. Since the beginning, Serbs seek for power brought conflicts and created a massacre. Their actions were not justified many years ago; it is still now not justifiable. Again, it is easy to say that. Moving forward seems to be a hard thing to do.

  • Reply to: Right to die   7 years 3 months ago

    I agree with you when you say that people should decie if they want to die or not. You also made a good argument, over people which decide for people you are no longer able to decide of their life by themself. This is subctive, because a person`s opinion influences on someone. Your article is also interesting, because we can see that since 2013, things changed! as you can see in CBC article "Quebec passes landmark end-of-life-care bill"( So, the government passed a bill that allows dying people to decide by themselves to die.

  • Reply to: Discrimination, Racial Inequality   7 years 3 months ago

    I agree with you, when you state that people shoud be educated about other cultures and to learn that you can not judge someone because of his origins. You also made a good point, aboout the correlation between racism and the unstable economy and that descimination in Australia increases by 7 percent between 2012 to 2014. In addition, you can also see in the Helena smith`s article, "SS songs and antisemitism: the week Golden Dawn turned openly Nazi"(, that unstable economy also leads in neo nazi political party. as examle, the Greek party called Golden dawned, was becoming popular. When can see a correlation with the really unstable Greek`s economy and the fact that people tends to vote for this kind of party, know as racism. as the Hitler`s party, golden dawned is against jews and other minorities.

  • Reply to: The ethical issue of death penalty   7 years 3 months ago

    You made some good points in your article, describing reasons why death penalty is immoral. Such as you apply the humanistic principle, that whatever what a human did, there is no reason to kill him. I completly agree with you. As gandhi said, ¨an eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind¨. So even if a human kills someone, there is other reasons to punish him. I also agree with your statement that someone could be convicted with death penalty even if he did nothing, because of a mistrial. You provides a good argument with the texans case, explainning that since 2001, 30 people were convicted of death penalty by error. In addition, in the essay ¨Bias in the Box ¨(, Dax-Devlon Ross is also suggestiong that somtimes, blacks are disadvantaged, because of a completly white and bias jury in the North Carolina state.

  • Reply to: You Can’t Kill The Racist Phenomena   7 years 3 months ago

    I think your point of view is brilliant. Your title is very captivating; this is the first reason why I have chosen to answer to your summary. You are right: we will never be able to kill the racist phenomena. Why? It is quite simple: the majority still has racist statements without knowing it or without admitting it. Like you said, it is maybe unconscious. Racism is an idea created by the society. We, human, have created this concept. In my point of view, this concept is not an image of humanity. Once we create an idea, it is so hard to remove it because people believe in it. We cannot control how people think, and how the idea can be spread. This is why this idea is so vicious. How can people still believe today that some ‘’races’’ are superior? I guess, just like the example you provided about video games, we are not totally conscious of everything. The concept of race is alive in us and in the society. I agree with you: we tend to generalize everything and everybody which leads to racists thoughts. However, I do not think we are all evil. What I am trying to say is that, yes, maybe a part of us still have an unconscious racist background, but I think that the important thing to do is to be able to make concrete actions. We cannot control our subconscious, but we can still control our thoughts, our words and our actions. There is not so much we can do about racism, because it is an idea that we cannot control. But we can talk about the issue; make sure that everybody understands it better. This way, we can make our difference. One day, unconscious will not bother us anymore because we will have understood the atrocity of this big lie. For the moment, we can only work on ourselves. Your point of view is interesting; it makes me think a lot about people’s intention when they claim themselves as being ‘’not racist’’.