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  • Reply to: The Jacksonville Jaguars are hit with a fake news article claiming they are filing bankruptcy   3 years 11 months ago

    While I was reading your article, I tended to compare ''The Patriot Post'' to a fake news website like ''Le Journal de Mourreal". Indeed, those websites are the playground of a lot of fake news reporters that want to fool people who do not know how to check information that they found on Internet. Sadly, even in 2018, a lot of people are not aware to this type of trap and they fall into it each time. I would have liked you to share you opinion about it. Personally, I think those websites should be denounced because there are no benefits of their existence.

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    Its a very good idea that you explain the steps that we should follow to know if an article is true or false. Know the credibility of something on medias is very important but some people forgot to be careful and its dangerous. I don't understand why people write fake news. If you want to write something it should be true. Fake news makes react people but why not make react people with news that are real. The article is really good and clear but I would like to know if the fake news makes react the readers.

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    Very interesting subject! You are right, fake news is an important issue to take seriously. I think it would have been even more interesting if you proposed solutions or techniques to solve the problem to make the text more complete. The sources seem very reliable. Great work !

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    I really liked your brief firstly because the main topic of the real article is well set out at the beginning. You also provide only the right information so it's easy to follow what happened and to understand the situation. Finally, the way that you emphasized the credibility of the source at the end is really great.

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    After reading your article a couple of times, I realized how difficult it must be to establish clearly what a fake news is. It defnititely still unclear in certain people mind and I think your post explained it brightly. However, I consider you could have put more informations and details in some parts of your article. For example, when you say ''...the article says that it is not all bad because it now gives more credibility to the real medias.'', you don't really explain how it gives more credibility and I think that would have been interesting to know how and why. Anyways,

    Globaly, your post was well written and I enjoyed reading it.

    Keep up the good work fam.


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    First of all, your interpretation of the prepared speech that Donald Trump did at the 2018 State of the Union is clear and understandable even if the reader didn't know what happened, which is great. Moreover, the paradox that you do with the two personalities he has is really interesting and it enhances your summary. Furthermore, your overview of the article is well done and the way that you mention the credibility of the source with many observations is good.

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    It is unbelievable how people use sad events like a hurricane to spread false information just to call attention. A lot of people were hurt or even died from this catastrophe. I find it completely immoral. On a more positive note, I like how you explain how to make sure the sources of the article are reliable or not. It could truly make a difference if more people new about this technique. I also appreciate how you separated your ideas into different paragraphs, it helped me structure everything in my head. Finally, I think that the part where you present the author is very beneficial to the credibility of your own opinion. It proves that you are well informed.

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    Hello Élodie. Your article is simply amazing. I love the way you explained everything, it is explained very clearly. As someone who uses Facebook very often, I agree with the fact that it feels unsafe because of all of the fake news.People should be more careful with social media and they sould be more aware of fake news. I think that the source seems pretty credible and I would certainly trust this article.

  • Reply to: US college student fails assignment due to professor's belief Australia is not a country   3 years 11 months ago

    I really liked your article for many reasons. First of all, it is very well written and it is also very clear. I find it interesting how a teacher in univerity did not even know this information. Even after being told that he was wrong, he did not apologise. I wonder if there is any rules for this kind of situation. I think that Ashley deserves a better grade because she proved that her teacher was wrong. :)

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    Reply to: Fake news around the Houston hurricane   3 years 11 months ago

    While reading your post, I like the fact that you show us some steps to take to find out if a news is fake or not. I have to say that I disagree with your opinion at the the end, because I don't think it is more easier today than before to figure out if a news is real or not because I don't think that we have more tools than before to detect fake news. Also, you said in the second paragraph that "identifying fake news is becoming more and more difficult", wich is the oposite of what you say in the last paragraph. In general, I found your article interesting and easy to read.