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  • Reply to: The Bomb of Missing People   2 years 1 month ago

    First of all, your article is well written and very easy to understand. I liked the fact you introduce us in the situation before to say your point of view about the topic. In addition to that, it's interesting to have included a example to demonstrate and to support your claim about the random victim. This example help us to understand the problem with this strange phenomenon on Twitter. However, when you say: " Doesn’t Twitter have some kind of accountability?”, I disagree with you. Firstly, because Twitter is not originally an application to communicate false informations. So, according to me, the accountability belong only at the users and not at the application itself.

  • Reply to: Fake news or not?   2 years 1 month ago

    Firstly, your article post is well done and very easy to understand. Your point of view about the credibility of the article is cleary presented. Moreover, I liked the fact that we know the principal informations of the article you have read in the first lines. In addition to that, it's really interesting to have included a link. Good job!
    However, in the first paragraph, you talk about the way Donald Trump and Pope Francis see the fake news. So, I would like you to give some examples for both of them to better understand the difference of their point of view.

  • Reply to: The 2016 Election Mirrors Media Backlash and The Emergence of Fake News   2 years 1 month ago

    Hi Matthew,
    Your article is great; the subject you chose is really interesting and intriguing. After reading your article I made some researches about the ending of this whole fake news story during the 2016 presidentials. I quickly found out that there is actually no real ending to it; we still don't know the truth about it... Although your article is really interesting; I would have shorten the introduction a little bit, because it is easy to get mixed up when articles have a too long introduction. The structure of a text is really important for the comprehension of it that's why in a future article I would recommend you to work on this aspect. Except this little note, your article was well written and the rich vocabulary used in it makes it even better and enriching. Keep up the good work.

  • Reply to: A Proof that Science and the Medias cannot get along   2 years 1 month ago

    Hello Vincent,
    The content of your post is quite interesting, climate change is not something to mess with, it is a real growing issue of our current century. The reading of your post made me research a little bit, I did not know what exactly the Paris Agreement was. After reading it twice, I realised that I totally agree with the opinion you express in your post. To increase the quality of your post, I would explain a little bit more about the Paris Agreement to make the readers know a bit more on the subject. In general your article is really interesting with some good vocabulary in it. Keep up the good work!:)

  • Reply to: Does money buy happiness?   2 years 3 months ago

    I personally think that this question is primordial. Our generation is obsessed with money and owning things that we do not really need. It is important to indulge ourselves once in a while but it cannot be the reason why we are happy to live on earth. I experienced it. What I mean is that I myself realized that having stuff does not affect my happiness on the long-term (like it was written). What does affect myself on the long-term are my relationship with myself and towards others. These are true factors that influence our sustainable happiness.

  • Reply to: Do animals experience happiness?   2 years 3 months ago

    I also believe that animals can experience happiness. For example, I think that if a dog has everything he or she needs, then other emotions can occur. Wen the dog has a home, plenty of food and attention from its owners, it can focus on something else than surviving. Great subject and an interesting one!

  • Reply to: Free Smoothies   2 years 3 months ago

    This project is a great way to show people that happiness has a strong link towards healthy habits. While people are sipping on their smoothie, not only the smoothie is delicious but students can take a healthy break :) Nice project!

  • Reply to: Project - Rebranding of a Sustainable Business - The Lotus House   2 years 4 months ago

    This is really interesting, thanks for sharing. We agree that this is a great model for a sustainable guesthouse, and it presents travellers with an interesting option. If the Lotus House can manage to use some of the improvements that you have suggested, and become greener and more diverse... then the sky is the limit.

    Very cool!

  • Reply to: Action Research Project - Change in Green   2 years 4 months ago

    Great idea! There still many people who don’t know the effect of climate change. In nowadays, social media are a great platform to communicate and reach a lot of people. Facebook is a great way for the us to get more informed about currents problems. However, I think you should use more platform to spread the problems, for example, twitter, Instagram or even YouTube. There are endless ways to spread the message. Overall, this project is an amazing way to let more people to understand to consequences of climate change and pollution.

  • Reply to: Physical activity as a solution for anxiety?   2 years 4 months ago

    You described well the difficulties of students experiences at school. It is true that physical activity can help with anxiety but I don’t understand really what the project is about. We can find in a college a lot of options for physical activity, so students have access to it very easily. You don’t explain what you’re trying to do. It would be great if you can point out, for example, the sport that your school doesn’t provide and how that activity can help the students. You can also show some data, for instance, how well students are doing depending of the physical activity provide for different schools.