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    Hey hlvolpe,

    I thought your post was really intersting. As someone who has dealt with the special education school system in Ontario, I feel that you did a good job of outlining its shortcomings. Personally, I found that I wasn't engaged enough in many of my classes during primary and secondary school and so ended up being labeled a problematic student by teachers due to my acting out. This was unfortunate to say the least. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading about this as it has affected me personally. Great Job!!!



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    Good Post AJ,

    I thought this was really interesting and that you did a great job of outlining the issue. I thought that you had a good use of descripitive language and that you're writing style really helped to grab the readers attention. I thought you were very informative in your discussion regarding the risks of vaccinating versus not vaccinating. I think that I would definitely vaccinate my child.



  • Reply to: Women as Police Officers: Too Weak for the Job?   5 years 1 month ago

    Hey gymkata98,

    I’m not offended by your comment, but I want to unpack some of your arguments. It sounds to me like the training here is the issue, not your fiancée’s capabilities. She hasn’t been trained to deal with cases where she will be physically weaker than an attacker, and that’s a shortcoming of the police force training rather than an inherent weakness. By compromising the reality of drills like her Defense Tactics test, she’s certainly not getting the skills she needs to deal with these situations when they arise on the job. Unfortunately, you seem to see this as a woman problem and not a training problem.

    You said you have 7 years of martial arts training and a year of Jujitsu - if you took a random man off the street and went through the same drills you went through with your fiancée, I think it’s unlikely that man would be able to overpower you either. You simply have better training honed through practice. When she was on her first call, and the male cop with her was able to subdue a 19 year old man, do you really think that 19 year old was on the same level of skill as the male cop? No, the cop has better training and because training in the police force was tailored towards men, he was able to get a favourable outcome.

    Applying cookie cutter techniques to training, especially in a dangerous profession like the police force, is a recipe for injuries and death for those trained improperly. I absolutely agree that police officers should have partners at all times, but women should especially be trained for situations where they will be patrolling alone and have to defend themselves.

    Your fiancée said that if she had been alone or with another woman on patrol, the situation would have been handled differently. This is not necessarily a bad thing as you seem so eager to jump to – studies have shown ( that women are better at de-escalating situations before they turn violent. If the rate of police deaths by gunfire is increasing, would it not be better to have cops who are able to prevent violent situations from happening, as well as deal with them effectively?

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    I must just start off to say your title was very engaging and humorous. You were great to analyze the authors one sided perspective of the issue. The author definitely focused on the economic downside of phasing out coal but left out important information such as the government subsidies. You explained that Canada should focus more on green energy. Do you have an preferred type of sustainable energy? I invite you to read my recent post about Tesla’s Solar panels. I have learned about the negatives of damming and nuclear so I was curious to what your thoughts might be? I thoroughly enjoyed your post though. The media can definitely report on anything to get publicity. As a population we should be moving forward and not focus on the criticism of doing so.


  • Reply to: Deforestation, A Major Issue On our Planet   5 years 1 month ago

    I really enjoyed your insightful perspective of the pros and cons of deforestation. I enjoyed the interesting facts of natural causes of deforestation such as the largest wildfire and mentioning the wildlife eating the seeds. You really touched on a relevant issue by talking about global warming. Trees both absorb and store carbon dioxide when growing but also release carbon dioxide when dying, decomposing or burning. It would be insightful to know the percentage of emissions caused from lumber and paper industry. I think that paper won’t be required in next decade as we going deeper into the digital age. Given that Canada is a staple country for lumber, do you think Canada should slow its industry?

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    Your post stood out to me and was very informative with respect to the current epidemic that is opiate abuse. The examples you used helped to show the scary reality of what drug abuse can do to someone. As you mentioned, opiates come in many forms, currently in my hometown of Niagara Falls (CA) fentanyl use has become a growing concern as it is easier to access.

    An article that I've attached below illustrates the increasing use of alternative forms of opiates like fentanyl, as more common ones like oxycodone become more heavily regulated. In 2010, the Ontario provincial government replaced the oxycodone pill with a more tamper-resistant form. This caused a shockwave to addicts who were forced to shift to other forms of drugs in order to fulfill their need, and as a result fentanyl has emerged a cheaper alternative. Ironically, data shows that since 2010, fentanyl related deaths have nearly doubled from 86 in 2010, to 165 in 2015.

    The concept of addiction needs to be viewed as an illness or disease rather than a negative disposition towards that individual person. Many addicts are people who have endured multiple setbacks in their lives and as a result are unable to cope with the burdens that every day life can have. The problem is that access to most of these drugs is a lot easier and cheaper than heroin or oxycodone. Limiting access to one specific type of drug is not the answer, addicts will undoubtedly find other ways to abuse. There should be more governmental control over the distribution of these drugs and access should not be as easy.

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    The caption of your post seemed like an interesting read to me. You provide some very compelling evidence that details how overfishing and inadequate management policies are disrupting marine ecosystems. I agree that human intervention is the leading cause of the decline of fish stocks that we see worldwide as there is overwhelming evidence. Previous examples like the collapse of northern cod in Newfoundland (1992) should be used as a lesson to affirm the notion that strict management policies be implemented and directly followed by governments and industries. Although, I was hoping to learn more about how 'eco-labelling' can help the transition into more sustainable management decisions. In my opinion, eco-labelling is a good way to inform consumers of where and how their product was produced so that they can make educated decisions when deciding what to purchase. However, this does not address the problems of overfishing, illegal fishing and other issues that we still see today. Governments should be more accountable for these types of problems because they are the one's who control the industries. Similarly, the fishing industry must also be held accountable for certain practices they use as well as their level of ignorance with regards to sustainable forms of extracting fish. In the end, I think using eco-labels does provide a good way to inform consumers, but I believe the root of the problem lies primarily on those who exploit this resource and those who are in charge of applying sustainable management decisions.

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    Great post!

    Gravel to green is a really interesting concept that aims to not really improve mental health, but the environment too. I think this would also be a great opportunity to plant more trees as well. By adding more green areas in urban environments as well as planting more trees will help reduce environmental impacts. Planting trees is a way to help offset carbon emissions, and by having this done more in urban areas could also help people to beware of the important role trees play. Overall I think it is a great idea, however I also think it is important to have the green spaces strategically placed within urban areas, for example a place where it can be easily reached, but does not impose on other necessary city elements. In launching this concept in many different areas could also allow for people to become more invested in environment and the struggles it is facing due to urban expansion

  • Reply to: Climate Change: The Worst of the Wicked   5 years 1 month ago

    Great post Breanne,

    I strongly agree with your post. I don’t think Canada has made at all the commitments to climate change as they should, but instead place a higher significant towards economic growth. This is especially problematic as the impacts on climate change continue to grow and the Canadian government still hasn't committed to making a leap of change. I agree that Canada’s reliance on fossil fuels is problematic in terms of introducing new more reliable energy sources. It seems that the Canadian government has other priories over the environment, as they don’t seem concerned about the potential impacts. I’m wondering what it will take for the government to finally make climate change a priority, I fear it won’t be until the impacts of climate change worsen. From an environmental standpoint, it makes more sense to help resolve issues before they worsen, however it doesn’t seem to take priority in the government over economic growth.

  • Reply to: Thoughts for vaccinating a child   5 years 1 month ago

    Hi AJ!

    Thanks for your post, it was an interesting read! I think you touch upon a pressing issue being the vaccinations of children. It is extremely important for parents to vaccinate their children when they are newborns. Those who believe in homeopathy and Scientology have in some instances believed that their children do not need vaccinations, which has led to the death of the child and charges being pressed against the parents.

    It is so critical that we are aware of the breakthroughs in science and what are considered to be the norms as far as healthcare and health of children and adults. There are just some things that can't be toyed with, as it's not worth a life.

    Thanks for your input, let me know what you think :)