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  • Reply to: Africans in India   4 years 2 months ago

    Mohammed, Zaradheen. “Being African in India: 'We Are Seen as Demons'.” News from Al Jazeera, 26 June 2016,

  • Reply to: When Cats Take Over   4 years 2 months ago

    This was very well written. Your title caught my attention immediately. I am a cat lover myself but do understand the need for some sort of control on the over population of stray cats. I do not think just killing them is the answer though, I believe a catch,fix and release is a short term solution, but this still leaves so many cats without food, shelter and people to love them!! Anyways back to your article, I think your paragraphs are well written and flow together great. I am impressed with the amounts of resources you used for your piece, this shows me you know what your taking about and have supporting facts proving that. Great job!!

  • Reply to: Hurricane Matthew Reeks Havoc on Haiti and its Future   4 years 2 months ago

    The topic of your blog post is definitely what drew me in and made me want to read the post. Hurricane Matthew was one of the most devastating hurricanes that there has been. And the fact that it went through Haiti is devastating because it seems like they were still somewhat trying to comeback from the earthquake from a few years ago. I feel for the people of Haiti because it seems like they can never catch a break when it comes to these natural disasters.
    It is also important to notice the other countries and their people who were effected. For instance, this article talks about the people in Cuba who were effected by Hurricane Matthew. The article also says that at least 11 deaths were blamed on the hurricane.

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    Your title was pretty intriguing, which is why I came to read your blog post. When reading your blog post I noticed that you provided some very interesting details. The use of these details helped you explain how important it is to work with these tribes and other groups of people to create safe drinking water, while also trying to effect climate change positively.
    It is very important that we all come together and try to positively effect climate change and bring clean drinking water to everyone. This is a good start, but we all need to get involved. Bringing clean drinking water to people is actually something that needs to be done in some places in the United States like Flint, Michigan. There is even some people in Western New York, near why I live that have had this problem as well.

  • Reply to: What is First Nations Place in Pipeline Construction?   4 years 2 months ago

    Your title is definitely the reason why I came to read your post. This is because we in the United States are also dealing with issues with the creation of a oil pipeline effecting a group of indigenous people in North Dakota. Well, that oil company really doesn't care what the indigenous say or think. It has been a highly populated and protested area, with celebrities even joining in on the protesting. In my opinion, it is wrong to go into the land of indigenous peoples and mess with it. We all need to stand up to these companies doing this.
    Do you think that these instances can be resolved at all or are the companies invading the land of indigenous peoples just going to go ahead with their plans to build pipelines? My assumption is that the companies will continue with their plans, but you never know. I don't see why they can't find a different place to do it, honestly.

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    The title of your blog post is definitely what drew me to your post. It drew me in because I have recently watched a documentary on Climate Change titled "Before the Flood" from National Geographic Channel that strongly revolves around the Paris Climate Agreement. I think if you watched it, it would help develop your point further. It's quite interesting. A lot of what you said in your post is in the documentary. I really enjoyed your post.
    I have one question for you that pertains to the Paris Climate Agreement. Do you think with the recent election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States, that the U.S. will try to remove themselves from the agreement. I only ask because Trump has said numerous times that climate change is a hoax.

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    As soon as I saw the words "Climate Change" in you title I was drawn in. This issue of climate change has been something that I have been interested in researching for awhile because I want to know if there is going to be a thing left for my future kids. I enjoyed the amount of detail you included in your post. You did a fantastic job.
    If you are interested in learning more about this topic, then I recommend you check out a documentary titled "Before the Flood" from National Geographic Channel. It's a couple hours long, but it's really interesting. It even talks about your topic of infrastructure, so it could help develop your point further than you already have.

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    I really enjoyed the facts that you presented in this article. Opiate addiction is one of the fastest growing in this country, due mainly to the accessibility of prescription painkillers and the glamorization of products like fetanyl by musicians in the form of syrup. Many people begin using these products casually and unknowingly become very addicted in a short amount of time. I liked especially that you touched on the media coverage of overdoses. I feel that it's very important for this to become an issue at the forefront, as many younger people who attend parties are particularly susceptible to addiction to these substances.

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    I found your article to be very well written and informative. I was not aware that the company had hired a male model for it's products. As you stated in the article, this is certainly a step forward in the push to break the stereotypical gender roles that frequent our culture. I do also agree with your concern that some people may not necessarily be ready for something like this. Looking into it further however, I notice that race is not something mentioned within the articles. It's wonderful to see such progress made on the gender identification front, however it is a little discouraging to see that the person in the limelight for this is a white male. I think it needs to be considered that there are other barriers that can be surpassed within gender stereotypes.

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    I enjoyed reading your article. I have to admit I don't know much about pike but I did know that they were becoming an invasive species. The pike population has gotten out of control and the only way to add balance back into the ecosystem is to act now. Here is a link for more info on this invasive species