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    "The U.S. have endorsed Israel ever since president Truman was in office"
    Realize the fact that it was only because of antisemitism, especially in the U.S., that the creation of Israel was voted for... the US didn't want more Jews in America, Palestine was a great place to relegate them to, and too bad if there was already a bunch of Palestinians there. The Jews that ended up in Palestine ended up there more out of desperation because they had no home, and many western nations were very happy if that new home was not within there borders.

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    Regarding this post, I was first drawn to it because it was one of the first to be presented to me and that no one has posted a comment on it yet. I was curious to look at it and to look if there were something "wrong" about it. However, I believed that the only thing missing concerning that post, is a catchy title. I have read the first couple of sentences and I decided that this would be the post that I will write on. My reaction while reading was that the article of the students was very educative and I was also surprised by the fact that it has been conduct in a class of white people. Moreover, I was attracted by the goal of the study; the researchers wanted to compare the questionnaires at the beginning and after having taking the course. Overall, the post written by GianLeNinjaDeKonoha was very clear and interesting. I can relate this post to one of the subject that we have covered in class, which was one of my favourite; White Privilege. I think that this subject would deserved more attention from course. Like we have read in Peggy McIntosh article, white privilege is a package that we often don't realize we have. To finish with, I didn't felt the need to go read the article of this student since it was very well described.

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    The title of this post motivated me to read more, when I saw the title I was curious to learn what the consequences of racism are on an individual. I find this interesting information to know because it allows us to be aware of what others of minority groups face. I did not realize that the consequences of racism were this drastic, reading this post and learning that racism leads to depression a lot of the time is alarming. I think as a society we know that racism plays an effect on individuals but we never think of how severe these consequences are which prevents us from regarding the topic as extremely problematic. When you said that black women face the biggest struggle compared to everyone else, it made me think of the concept of white privilege and male privilege talked about in my class. In class we discussed how there is an invisible backpack of privilege that is associated with white people, it is not something white people work for and earn but simply something they are born with due to the fact that they are white. Same goes for men, due to the fact that they are not born a women, they are rewarded with an invisible backpack of privilege. Learning this, I am aware of how disadvantaged African-American women are, they face the disadvantage of not only black skin but also being born a woman. I agree with what you are saying and I find this topic is something that should be given more thought and attention due to its large importance.

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    This post made me think about an issue I hadn’t considered before because I am not a female but it does pose a big issue in today’s society which is what drew me to this post. Abortion has always been a sensitive topic because as said in the post, not everyone can win. I believe that abortion should be allowed because every woman should have the right to do what they feel is best for themselves. Yes, abortion does take the possible life of someone away but if you are not in the right circumstances to provide for that child then they could end up having a really hard life. Also, when thinking about abortion the decision is obviously not taken lightly so if someone feels as though abortion is the right decision then they put a lot of thought into it and really assessed what’s best for them and their unborn fetus. It makes me think about individual freedom and human rights. No matter what type of law or restrictions concerning abortion was to be put in place, I do not think that it would have an effect on people’s opinion on final decision making. At the end of the day, you have put in mind that it is their body and any decisions concerning their body, once again is theirs to make.

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    I was drawn to the text based on the title "6 guys one handbag". It and immediately made me think about "the man-box" . Then I was exposed to the picture which gave me a more visual conception on how I can relate this to "The man box". In society men are the ones that carry most of the social weight when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex. In society men are seen as the ones to pay for the girl's attention. For example, if a man doesn't pay for the movies or the bill at a restaurant they are not "men". Like you said in your text " women are only going to be interested in a guy if he buys her a Versace handbag...". This is also very degrading to women also, the image shows one girl and 6 guys, perceiving them as "gold diggers, sluts etc..." And it shouldn't have that message, women and men need to be perceived as equal. I watched a Ted-talk about how men are pressured into the idea of being a man, if you cry you are not a man. Society pressures men into this idealistic definition of "a man" that's why I said that men are forced to pay at the restaurant etc... Yes such a ions are seen sometimes as gentleman like, but some women tend to take it to the extreme just as men tend to think that values can be bought by materialistic objects. I believe to if the man box is to stop, the image and demanded women ask for men must change so. That's goes visa versa , as men must also learn to the value of women, both side must stop demanding and start doing it for the opposition willingly, because it is the right thing to do.

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    Thank you for your comment, and yes, I agree with you, you are completely right. We create this ideology that men have to act a certain way, speak a certain way, and in order to be seen as "a real man", they have to abide by certain criteria's. These ideologies have existed as long as history can remember, but at the basis, both race and gender roles have been created by society itself. Meaning that if society puts a stop to believing in these unrealistic and unattainable criteria's to be socially acceptable, then all the constructs wouldn't hold anymore, and possibly these ideologies could go away.
    I like how you connected my post to gender roles, clever, I wouldn't have thought of that!

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    To start, the reason why I choose this article is the intriguing title "Standing Up By Kneeling Down". I did not quite understand why the title was chose until I read the short text of the studentcec7795. The other reason why I choose this article is because of the topic. I am a huge fan of the NFL and I found it awesome that an all those players decided to kneel down during the national anthem in protest to police brutality and systematic racism. In addition, I think that what Michael Thomas did was very courageous. He refuses to stay in silence when injustice thing happen towards black people or any other "race". As seen in class, there is no "race" and we should do something to erase completely any act of racism. I believe that people should get together and fight for racism. In addition, people with great influence just like the players in the NFL should get together and fight for this ethical issue. Finally, I decided to read the article to have more information about this topic. I agree with what cec7795 that Michael Thomas did a excellent job written this piece.

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    Being that this is an issue that seems to be happening, basically on a weekly bases in the U.S, i find the topic to be so much of an interest. Yes all life's definitely matter, but you see the black life's matter tries to focus more on trying to protect and acknowledge the life of the African American population or black community that seem to always be targeted by our society in a negative way rather than in a positive way. Being an African Canadian male I find i so hard to talk about this subject on a neutral tone. Words cannot describe how crazy it is that every time someone that is obviously of a minority group find themselves treated inequally by the authorities or high ranks of our society compared to the white community- with No disrespect. When a black man dies, or are killed by the cops it is incredibly how fast the media are to portrait the victim as a evil while trying to defend the aggressor and finding multiple ways to justify his or her actions. Even more I can feel the pain of the family, as I can relate. Many blacks in other words no longer trust our the police force for any protection whatsoever and I completely understand why. I remember in my race and racism class, watching a video where the male of African decent talk about how he saw is childhood limited by his parents just like many other black kids. Not because the parents had no love for them, but rather them loved so much and need that no matter how good of a person they were or our good they were raised, that the only thing that our so called modern society saw was a walking m, breathing target because of our skin tone. I would definitely want to learn more about your subject.

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    These three adjectives named in my title are what I would congratulate you on in your post. Being that I have a similar input on this issue as you, and that your title reeled me into the lecture of the latter, I have to say that it made me realize just how much the judicial system needs restructuring or to the least, some sort of self-realization that it is lacking actual justice.

    The first time I read an article related to this issue, I remember thinking to myself "Brock Turner is not off the hook", meaning that I had the strong conviction that his sentence would reflect his actions, and that the consequences of the latter would follow him for the rest of his life. I was wrong. Not only did he receive an extremely lenient sentence, but he was also judged based on a principle called "white-privilege", being that he is a high-class, white-male star athlete on his swimming team at the very prestigious Stanford. I completely agree with you when you mention that, putting aside his gender and "race", Brock Turner would have probably obtained a much stronger punishment for his actions. What strikes me the most is that in similar cases, extremely different sentences were attributed to the guilty, never over-looking any aspects of the committed crime. The difference is that in the other case I am referring to, the defendant was a non-white male. Why weren't these other cases treated the same as Brock Turner's'? The answer is known from all, and truly disgusts me: Racism.

    This brings me to associating white-privilege and what we defined as being racism in my own class. Racism can be formulated as being the abuse of power based on "racial characteristics" such as skin color, and I feel that this is exactly what happened in this case. As I read your post, as well as recalling the article I read previously that informed me of the trial, I came to the realization that Judge Aaron Perky treated Brock Turner's case differently, based on the fact that he is a white male, star athlete of the swimming team in a prestigious institution. This, is not only it white-privilege, but it's also implicit racism, which are unconscious beliefs, planted into people's minds because of several factors (i.e. parental comments, friends' comments, environment, education etc.). Of course, "race" is a social construct, however, societies perpetuate the idea that it exists biologically, which is why, sometimes, depending on the judge, sentences are lenient towards white people, just like in this case. However, it does not justify Judge Aaron Perky's decision, and CERTAINLY does not diminish Brock Turner's' acts.

    To end on a more positive note, I would like to highlight once more how instructive your post is. It stays true to the events, although presenting your own view on the matter, portrays a clear image of what happened in this trial, and explicitly states the issue.

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    This post initially drew me in because of the tile, I chose to open it up and when I started to read I was instantly intrigued. I had heard about the Colin Kaepernick situation before, when I first read up on it I was extremely interested to hear about what happened and people’s different views on what he had done. The topic you chose really motivated me to go on and read what you had to say. I found it very interesting to learn that in the past an incident like this one also occurred with the two American Olympic runners; I didn’t think that protests occurred such as in the same way Colin Kaepernick approached the issue. I find it interesting to learn about with he did and how people reacted so negatively towards it. In my own personal opinion I agree with what you are saying about how others should be allowed to express themselves in a way they chose as long as they are not causing harm to anyone and no one has the right to take that away from someone or diminish them because of the way they express themselves. When you said that people were attacking Colin Kaepernick for taking a stand and expressing his right to protest, it made me think of the topic of racism we studied in class. I feel as if people are attacking him based on the color of his skin and completely dismissing the whole important reason behind his protesting. By simply stereotyping him his act of protest is being reduced to hate towards America rather than taking a stand for the injustice that has been occurring.