Dogs' health is also important

by Amelie E-D on January 26, 2015 - 1:25pm

Original title: Quebec takes steps to protect pets from shock collars, prongs

Global News, Quebec Politics  

By Billy Shields Reporter Global News                                                                                                   

Published on July 7th, modified on July 14th 2014


People sometimes get an animal just to say they have one. They do not necessary care about their health or what they like or not and this is why, because some people do not have patience to raise a dog, they use easy ways that are not beneficial for the animal, such as shock collars. The province of Quebec tries to forbid that kind of practice on animals and gives fines that could reach until $36 000. People that were researching for Global News found that those collars could be harmful for dogs’ breathing and also painful for them every time they receive a shock. The worst is that even if dogs are wearing that, they are not necessarily more obedient. Almost all dogs will just continue their way and will not understand what they are not allowed to do.  I do not find this is a good way to raise a dog. If a person wants an animal, she has to assume the consequences and be responsible. The society should know there are many animals that are not well treated and that some places exist where we can call to report those cases to save animals’ lives.

I believe this is reliable source because it is on a well-known website, there are some quotes said by professional, and the minister is included and approves some facts in the article.





I also believe that some people just have animals for the sake of having animals, and that not everyone takes the responsibility of owning one seriously. An animal is like a child to some people and an accessory to others. People should be more aware of the long term responsibilities of owning an animal and the consequences of not taking care of it. Like having a child of an animal needs care, food, attention, love, exercise etc... This article makes a good point, and we should be more aware of the consequences of not taking care of animals and what we can do to make sure everyone meets the needs of the animal before taking it into his or her home.

Nice title! For people who like animals just to see the words “dog” and “health” in the title, it catches the readers’ attention.
I agree with the fact that shock collars are not a good way to make dogs more obedient. Personally, I have a dog and he use to yap all the time. A friend told me to use a shock collar, but I never accepted to use one because I think the best way to train a dog is to be patient and repeat many times the same thing. I can tell you that it works because it worked with my dog and it did not suffer because of it.

Your article was very interesting and I do agree that dogs need to be better treated. I understand your opinion that some people should not have a dog in their possession. What surprised me the most about this information was the fact that these dog collars don’t actually help the dogs. They don’t actually make the dogs realize what is right to do. Your piece was well written but I would of liked to get a little more information on the subject. The source that you included in your article seems to be reliable, however global news has been approached for publishing biased information. Global TV news is also biased in the political field where they are more axed towards the liberal side. However, your article seems to be quite reliable since Global News is news channel that overseas all local and national news. Also, the author, Billie Shields, has had a lot of experience in the field of journalism. He graduated from the University of Florida with a master in journalism as well as in Latin American studies. He has won a prize for one of the articles he wrote. If you ever want to broaden your knowledge on the issue of dog collars, you could maybe find some information about the issue in Canada. Here are some sources that may seem interesting:

Animals rights has always been an issue that worried me and I agree, just like you, that many Quebeckers buy a dog without being aware of the responsibilities it requires. Previously, I did a news summary about puppy mils and, when I was reading your original article, I was shocked to learn that the fines to put shock collars on one dog were exactly the same as the fines from exploiting a puppy mill that has many animals. My opinion about this issue is that training a puppy is not for everyone and having an animal is also not for everyone. However, for those who would like to give a second chance to a dog that is already train, Animatch, a non-profit organization located in Montreal, gives the opportunity to animals to have a second chance. Indeed, for only $350, you can get an animal that has received his vaccines that will love you forever. I highly encourage this option because, sometimes, puppies from pet shop may be considered as merchandise and the mother of these puppies as breeding machine and, in my opinion, the animals should not be an industry.

For more information about Animatch: