Darrien Hunt

by Alexandra.G on November 12, 2014 - 8:51pm

In this article written by Jon Swaine on September 16th 2014, was deemed to be of racial issues. Darrien Hunt, 22 years old was shot multiple times in the back after police officers received a call that a man was walking around with a samurai sword. Hunt’s family strongly believes that he was shot because of his race, his mother being Caucasian and his father being African American. A witness confirms that everything seemed normal because Hunt and the police officers were having a conversation and nothing seemed out of hand. She then saw the man being chased by the officers, who then proceeded to shoot. Now, this is a delicate issue, was it because Darrien Hunt was of African descent that he was shot? Would a Caucasian young man have gotten the same fate? In general, if a police officer shot someone, could the race have influenced his choice to do so? It is still a great debate and although not everyone is racist, people see a correlation between how many people die from gunshot wounds from police officers and their race.




I like how you decide to write about an issue like this because it’s becoming bigger and bigger in this country because of Ferguson. I agree with you that it’s still sad that people are still being judged on race. I like how you point out this issue of cops shooting people because of their race is becoming a common theme in this country. I really like how you ended your essay with a question it gets the readers thinking at the end of your essay, maybe you can add a question in the beginning of your essay next time too.

As classically ethical as it may sound, every human deserves an equal chance at liberty and free from prejudice. You point out both sides of the ethical dilemma, which is if the man got shot because he was African-American or if the police officers would have shot anyone in this situation. This case-study brings us to a widely mediated phenomenon which is racial profiling: law agents arresting or stopping an individual in a seemingly random fashion based on stereotypes. Of course, it is persecutory for any individual to be stopped in the street for being African-American, or as the law enforcement officers claim “suspicious”. According to an article by Alexis C. Madrigal, the Ferguson Police Department recorded an alarming 4,632 street stops and 562 searches for African-Americans, while Caucasians have 686 stops and a petty 47 searches. There is an evident disparity and it shines a bad light on police departments since they clearly oppress a whole population group. There is a prevalent problem, and racism is underlining it. The data from the article unfortunately shows that Darrien Hunt, the victim in your case study, have a statistically significant chance of having been shot due to racism.

Here is a link to Alexis C. Madrigal’s article: