Do same sex couples have the right to adopt children?

by alara1 on September 13, 2013 - 7:15pm

In the article, “Same sex adoption: A dangerous social experiment,” Fitzgibbons argues that children need a mother and a father in their life. Letting same sex couples adopt children will affect them emotionally and mentally. Same sex couples on average break up sooner and are more promiscuous. He states that homosexual couples are more susceptible to have sexual transmitted diseases, like HIV, and may not be physically healthy. The question that he states is, should children being adopted by a couple be at risk for a serious illness? Studies have shown that children are better raised by a heterosexual couple then a same sex couple.
There are thousands of children in foster care, in need for a loving and caring home to live in. Should we deprive them of that just because of someone’s sexual orientation? Giving same sex couples the right to adopt will provide a home for a child in need. Overall, there has not been enough evidence to support the claim that children are raised better with heterosexual parents. Adopting a child is a big deal and same sex couples take months or maybe even years to weigh the pros and cons in adopting a child. They are very meticulous, so this will provide a child with a loving home. Lastly, children are just as likely to get neglected or abused if raised by a heterosexual couple. Denying someone the right to adopt a child because of their sexual orientation is ludicrous.

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I thought that your article was interesting and that adoption for a non-heterosexual couple is a topic that brings many arguments to the table. A child will always need a female and a male role model in their lives because both genders have different ways of thinking and of viewing the world, but I do not think that a child must have a parent of each sex. A role model does not necessarily have to be your parent. It could be a teacher, an aunt or even a neighbor. Even if a child is raised in a home where both his parents are men or women, the child could find the missing gender related state of mind elsewhere. The most important thing you can offer a child is love. It does not matter whether the parents are from the same sex or not. It may be true that same sex couples do not last long, but the same thing could be said about heterosexual couples. There is a high rate of divorces in our society and many couples are affected no matter their sexual orientation. Keep up the good work.

Here is a link to an interesting article entitled Adoption by Gay and Lesbian Parents:

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