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by Maudeb on November 20, 2013 - 10:41am

The issue I chose for my research paper is cyber bullying. This issue happen when a person is bullying another person by using the internet. We can see different type of bullying in our society like verbal bullying. But I choose the cyber bullying because this type has increase with the internet’s technology in recent years. It is a major problem that our society faces. With this new technology people can interact with each other on website. It has positive effects on social interaction but has also negative impacts. The issue of this is that some people do not use it adequately. They start saying bad things to friends, strangers or even family members. I think that our society should do something to reduce cyber bullying because they have bad effect on intellectual academic. It can create mental diseases and some victims can’t live with the fact that they are not accepted by other people. Then, Cyber bullying has bad effect on social relationship such as having difficult time to interact with people. Finally, this issue has bad impact on emotional. Victims can feel depress and have difficult time with their self-esteem.

So, the cyber bullying should not be part of our society because emotional, intellectual and social capacity are impact by this issue in a bad way.


I think cyber bullying is a really good issue to talk about. I feel like everything about this topic is new because it is closely related to the technology. And this is going so fast that we don’t get to see a problem could occur, that it is already done. However, one thing is sure about cyber bullying: it is wrong and we have to stop that (just as normal bullying has to be stopped). So that is why I feel like your topic is really interesting but at the same time, really complex. What I like from your abstract is that you didn’t make it everything black or everything white; you explored different points of view in a general way. You talked about victims, you said the new technology wasn’t that bad or that good neither, you talked about emotions and you well-explained your topic. The only thing is that there are no concrete examples of the arguments you gave, so it could have been a little bit more elaborated.
I noticed you didn’t talk about the bullies and I know they seem to be the bad guys in all of that but I know some people who are really nice in general but they were accused of cyber bullying, and in my opinion they just didn’t know what they were doing. Not because they are complete ignorant, but just because like I said, technology is new and not clear enough to everybody yet. So here’s what happened to some friends of my family. They were talking about the mayor (in a bad way!) on the small town’s blog and other people from that place decided to argument on that and at the end, it seemed like nobody liked the mayor! Then, the mayor went on the blog and read everything and felt like she had been attacked. So at the tribunal, the mayor was saying she had been victim of bullying and all the other people were saying they were allowed to say whatever they wanted to say and to give their opinion. The thing is, at the beginning of the conversation they were just saying they didn’t like the way she was leading the city, but it came to point when they were just making insults.
So, basically, what I was trying to show is that the limit of what you can say and what you can’t is extremely small, but the consequences of exceeding this limit can be really huge. And also, don’t forget that cyber bullying can happen to everybody younger people and older people either. For example, in this story they were all adults.
Here is a link that explains the situation I just mentioned and it is written by someone who was involved in the conflict so it quite interesting.

Also, I have another link related to your topic. There is a video and a lot of information:

In this article, we can clearly see the thesis what you stated. The thing is, usually if you want people to believe and be convinced by what you wrote you need to support your thesis by premises. Yes, cyber bullying touches everyone but can you give examples or statistics to prove your point. Your writing style is good and conveys maybe a small group of people, but again, for people to believe even more in what you are trying to defend, you need to express with more passion. If you can prove what you are saying then you already get a lot more attention from your readers. Maybe, also, watch your syntax and spelling mistakes it decreases your article’s and your credibility. However, I extremely agree with your article and thesis, we, as a society, should do a lot more because we’re not doing enough that is for sure. This subject touches me a lot because, when I was a kid, I used to bully someone smaller and more fragile than me. When I recall this part of my life, I feel disgusted by myself. What rights did I have to permit myself in to doing such things? Now that I rethink of all the possibilities of why I made this little boy endure such things (without entering in any details), I think it is because he was smarter, he was thinner (I was kind of chubby at the time...) and he had all I’ve ever wanted when I was a kid. Jealousy made of me a terrible monster. I think that jealousy is the most important cause of bullying or cyber bullying at a young age. I may be unconscious because you are still young, but it happens in every province, in every school and maybe in every class. This is why it really touches me a lot; it was a part of my life before and although I would rather forget about it all. However, it is easier for me to try to find solutions to stop cyber bullying or just bullying. One of the solutions may be to tell a trusted adult, you know the only teacher or adult in the school or workplace that you consider more of a friend than anything else. (S)He may be able to help you. Another one that once was executed on my as an ``ex`` bullyier would be to say: `` What you’re doing isn’t funny or entertaining at all, everyone around you are laughing because they are scared of you not because they like you or find you funny.``
You can find more information on this very interesting website:

I believe that cyber bullying is something that isn't spoken about enough. Not enough people understand what the consequences are of what they are doing to someone else. Not only does it affect one's self esteem or their emotions but it can have an impact on their mental health. A study was done to show that cyber bullying affects girls mental health more than boys. By preventing cyber bullying means also preventing future psychiatric disorders. It isn't right for someone to be constantly bullied for being different. No one is the same, we are all different and nothing can really change that so why criticize and offend someone else because they are different from you? What does it matter if someone is too skinny or has acne or even dresses funny? If it doesn't affect you there is no need to start problems. I found an article that speaks about the consequences on mental health and suicide that can help strengthen your point of view:

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