Abstract: Research on Cyberbullying and its Repercussions on Youth

by catherinefournier on May 15, 2014 - 10:24am


Cyberbullying is growing in our society and many teenagers get affected by its devastating effects. I chose this subject because cyberbullying is very close to me since I am a young adult that uses the Internet everyday, and it could happen to me. Also, cyberbullying can have lasting repercussions on youth like mental health problem , extremely low self-esteem or in severe cases it can lead to suicide. For my research, I analyzed three different academic peer-reviewed articles from different academic disciplines : psychology, general health and mental health. The first article "Cyberbullying and Self-Esteem" from the Journal of School Health describes the psychological impacts of this type of bullying on the teenagers’ self-esteem and the possible solution. "Implications of Cyberspace Communication : A Role of Physicians" from the Southern Medical Journal demonstrates the importance of medical assistance for young adults regarding Internet use. Finally, the article "Cyber and Traditionnal Bullying Victimization as a Risk Factor for Mental Health Problems and Suicidal Ideation in Adolescents" from the Public Library of Science (PLOS) compares cyberbullying and bullying while explaining how mental health problems in adolescence can have an impact of one’s mental health in adulthood. My research provided an analysis of the problem from different perspective in order to try and find the possible solutions to reduce cyberbullying and educate the teenagers of its danger for both the victim and the perpetrator.


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Cyberbullying is truly a dangerously growing threat to the online security of users from a social perspective. Protecting users from malware and technical problem is easy to do compared to protecting users from other users. Reducing cyberbullying is a fight in which we must stand together as a society. Throughout my research this semester I have been reading a lot about anonymity in the online world. There are many internet activists who believe that the online world should be entirely anonymous compared to the current trend of social networks to identify our every move. One of the major sources of cyberbullying that I know of happen on social networks. If a malicious person can gain access to another person’s account by obtaining the password through social engineering or other means, then it is easy to deprecate the reputation of that person. My own research focuses on the anonymity of payments over the internet. The main payment method which I discussed is the Bitcoin, which is encrypted and secure. The system itself has never been compromised, however the wallets of users have been stolen in the past by similar means that can be used to steal social network passwords. I think there are many events disastrous for teenagers that could be avoided from an improved security of social network accounts. However, it is hard to prevent social engineering and it is currently the most widely used and most successful hacking method on the internet. How could we educate teenagers to notice social engineering techniques and defend themselves against it?

You have research a very troubling issue, I think it’s great that you care about it. I have also research about mental illness and I found that the younger the individual develops a mental illness, the longer it will last and it has a higher chance of resulting in other disorders. In addition, it’s true what you say that some cases of bullying can lead to suicide. I recently volunteered at an aboriginal shelter where most of their participants have experienced sever bullying from society as a whole and still to this day, they're struggling with their mental well-being. It is important to address the issue of bullying and the negative effects it has on the individual.

I am thrilled that you are looking at cyberbullying, because you know what? I have a Facebook account of my own, and I pretty much use it every single day, meaning that I am vulnerable to cyberbullying. Then again, I should share this abstract on my wall, because other people can take a look at it and follow the sources, if possible, to investigate more of this very serious issue we’re having today.

It’s very easy nowadays for us to connect with one another thanks to digital technology. On the other hand, it can be quite delicate to be safe in social networks. First of all, even with emoticons, we really underestimate the true feelings between us while chatting. Second, it’s very easy to hide a meaning in someone’s text that the reader does not know. And thirdly, someone can get involved in a group discussion or a chat where various kinds of misconduct are presented.

I should read your project myself because I should probably start taking action to protect myself from cyberbullying, and learn on how not to cyberbully anyone at all. Very good abstract, and you have a great use of resources for research and re-clarification. Good luck!

You chose a very great subject because this issue needs to be solve. One of the posts that I wrote was about cyberbullying and the impact it has on people. You know, today people are on Facebook minimum 8 hours each day and it means that they are vulnerable to cyberbullying. Some teenagers are not able to support this intimidation and they decided to solve the problem by killing their selves. I think that it is very important that the society realized how big the problem is, and I am sure that your text will help them. Hopefully, bullies will stopped their actions because they will realized that they could be considered as murderer. You picked a great subject and I hope that you will have a great mark!

I feel like cyberbullying is an issue people are beginning to forget about, so I’m glad to see someone writing about it. I personally have been writing about mental illness and can confirm that cyberbullying plays a huge roll in feeding this disease. Your abstract was very thorough and I would actually enjoy reading your paper to find out more about this on-going issue.

Hi Catherine! I'm so sorry you couldn't join us on our volunteering opportunity, you seem to really genuinely care about youth, just like me. However, it seems to me that you managed to find a great topic that interests you. Cyberbullying is so important to talk about. Youth today has so much pressure set by peers, family, and other external influences. The opportunity of being mean behind a screen where no one can see you attracts many young individuals, and as you said, the repercussions are horrible! Great abstract I will definitely be reading your final paper!

After volunteering in an aboriginal shelter I have discuss bullying and other form of oppressions. As you said the younger the individual is confronted with bullying the more likely he will developed a lifelong mental illness.

Very clear and concise abstract! While not too lengthy, you managed to capture my interest, as I too am a daily user of the Internet. I definitely agree with the fact that cyberbullying is a prominent issue in today’s society, which we should all be aware of and try to find possible solutions in order to decrease its occurrence. I enjoyed how easy it was to see the interconnection between your three academic disciplines and three academic peer-reviewed journal articles. Although they are all interconnected, they are also somewhat different, which adds to the pertinence and accuracy of your work! Well done, it looks very interesting.

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