India/Pakistan and Quebec/Canada

by DavidDemers on April 2, 2014 - 9:39pm

There are a lot of similarities between India/Pakistan and Quebec/Canada, but I think that the biggest similarity we are sharing is how Quebec is so different from Canada and how Pakistan is different from India. At the moment in Quebec we are thinking about separating ourselves like the pakistan did in India because of our difference in cultures, religions and language. We are also sharing similiraties with our background, that India and Pakistan was only one and they all came from the same place, like Quebec is part of the Canada because we were the same colonie before.

I don't think it is necessary to separate a country like that, because even if people act differently, they have the same background. Like Gandhi said: they have the same blood, they are brothers. They were, at the beginning, one country and they lived together in harmony, but some differences made them divide themselves. I think the only readon the Quebec didn't separate from Canada is because there is no big problem between them so we are still one country and I hope it will stay like that.


I agree with you that India/Pakistan share similarities with Quebec/Canada when we talk about a separation between two countries because these two countries have the same path. Additionally I think, like you, that we do not need to be separated to work better as a country, we have to find a way to live well with different people regardless of their religion, ethnicity etc.

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