Technology is in, Chalkboards are out!

by hplym1 on February 22, 2014 - 2:39pm

This article focuses on how although the education system is changing quickly and making rapid switches from paper to portable devices in efforts to focus on individual-based style learning, it is important to remember that the one thing in education that hasn’t changed is the teachers wanting to help each child individually. As time has gone on the best way to do this is by using technology because the technology can cater to every child’s needs. If the technology helps the children who are excelling then the teachers are now able to help the children who are struggling. By using this method and style of teaching every child is now able to get out what they need from their education and now it is more difficult to leave a child behind. This being said, educators are also now starting to focus more on 100% online education for grades K-12. This is a very real and new advancement in education. With education going in this direction children are able to get exactly what they need without having to step foot in a classroom. But with technology advancing teachers and students are able to teach and learn more. For example a school in Texas had 56 ninth graders learning mandarin Chinese which means that children and adults are going to be not only bilingual but trilingual.

I found this article to be interesting because wanting to be a future educator I feel that it is important to fully understand what I am getting myself into. This being said I find that being a young person in college I have already started experiencing online education and I think this will help me in the future because I already have a grasp for it. I also find it comforting to know that there are ways in which students can be helped and not all of the ways require technology-only methods, the fact that technology can help the students who excel to the teachers can focus on those who struggle is a huge game changer in the educational world. 


I found this post interesting. I work at a local elementary school that is implementing this approach. Hardly any of the classrooms have chalkboards, thinking about it, I am pretty sure only two classrooms in the entire building still have a chalkboard. All of the classrooms have white boards and even more importantly, they have smart boards. These boards are revolutionizing how teachers implement lessons and how students engage with the material. It is definitely something that is important for all children to be exposed to. The school is also adding new technology in the way of tablets. Although Apple iPads are expensive, the school is purchasing Samsung tablets, I believe. So far, two classrooms have class sets of tablets. What I do not agree with is that because they have class sets, the computers in their rooms are removed. Each classroom has three computers for student use and one for teacher use. Once a classroom has class sets of tablets, the three computers for student use are removed. I still find computers in the classrooms to be important and irreplaceable. Although, it is a new age of implementing the tablets in the classroom and with that changing the way students learn, I still think that having an actual computer with a keyboard is just as important to a student in the learning process. Technology is changing the way students and teachers interact with each other and the material they are teaching and learning. Technology offers different ways of presenting the material and with that may have a positive or negative impact on how the child learns the material. I do think that implementing technology in the classroom is definitely a step in the right direction as technology is becoming increasingly more important in other aspects of the world as well.

When I was in middle school and moved on to high school there was a huge shift moving toward technology. I thought that this shift was very beneficial for a numerous reasons. When children are getting exposure to technology at younger ages, they are better equipped to use it as they get older in the workplace. Also for teacher it is a very nice tool because they can quickly access the internet to enhance lessons both for in class learning and for students outside of school. If the students in a class are able to access PowerPoint lessons and other supplemental material it will benefit the students in the classroom. I believe that tablets and laptops are great for students to use while in middle and high school because they are utilized all the time in college. When I was in high school in 2010 another private high school in the area tried to give one class of students’ laptops. This plan ended up flopping and I never understood why. I believe that if we were to implement this plan today it would be successful. SMART boards are another great product to implement in classrooms. Many local schools in the Rochester area are starting to use them. If high schools could have a network like ANGEL I think it would help to improve children’s grades as well.

I found this post to be particularly interesting because the technology that they provide in schools now even compared to just a few years ago is amazing. Nearly every classroom in my high school had smart-boards and now in elementary schools they have smart-boards, new iMac computers and even iPads. The high school I attended is working on having the desks turned into personal touch screen computer work places for students. Children have such an advantage now in school because of this new and advanced technology. The point you made about teachers really wanting to help each child individually is what drew me in to your post. I am a coach so I personally know what it is like to want to help each child because not all children learn the same and educators need to recognize that and adapt as swiftly to the child’s needs as soon as possible. Your post assumes that all children will learn best from technology because it can cater to every child’s needs but some other people may not agree. Some people might think that technology can deter from a child’s learning and maybe take away some of the other aspects of teaching that were there before all of the technology was, even just as simple as penmanship. People might think that technology is on its way to replacing educators in schools. In your post you also addressed that it will help educators recognize the children who excel and the children who struggle. Before I read the post I hadn't considered that it would show educators that difference if students were struggling. With the way that technology is advancing children as well as teachers are able to learn and teach more now than before. It’s great that you are preparing yourself for your future as an educator. This is a fantastic post and I would like to see you take this further by looking at how the advancements in technology could affect careers of educators in the future.

I thought this article was very fascinating and I think that you did a great job summarizing the article as well as expressing your interest in the education field. To me this was so interesting because I guess I have never really thought about education changing along with technology. I mean to some degree I knew that education would be improved using technology but with the addition from chalkboards to smart boards I feel like this was a jumpstart in using technology with education. I remember when I was in middle school and we got our first smart board in the classroom even the teachers were excited to post pictures and make the lessons more animated and more engaging for the students. I think it’s amazing that some schools are providing programs from grades k-12 all with the accessibility of being online. I think that this could definitely increase the amount of people in getting an education because it can be done on their own terms and on their own time more than being compared to in a classroom. I myself am taking and online class and I feel that it is going great. At first I was a little apprehensive in taking an online course because I felt that I needed to be in a physically in a classroom with the teacher and the students I thought that I couldn’t possibly learn just on a computer. However this online class most absolutely proved me wrong and I can say that it is one of my favorite classes this year and I am learning so much it’s amazing how people can get and education these days with the help of technology.

I can see everywhere that technology is becoming more advanced in schools. In my high school they started replacing all the chalkboards with smart boards, which were like giant touch screen computers. I notice in most of my classes they post all the notes online so you could access them on computers during class. In my biology class the teacher even records some of his lectures and posts them so we can stay on schedule.
This technological revolution is becoming so much more common. I agree that these new advances are definitely helping education. We can now access so much online and do so many different things in class that can make learning easier and even more enjoyable. I like the point you made about how the technology advances can help the excelling students, and in turn allows the teachers to help the struggling students. I also like how the article said that switching to portable devices can give way to a more individual based learning. Students can now access notes or anything online, which can allow them to focus on examples the teachers describe and they can understand the topic even better.

I find this post extremely interesting. Technology has always been a huge part of my life considering my parents profession and I believe implicating technology into classrooms is a great idea. It’s great that people are finally starting to realize this and with technology prices being lower than ever now is the perfect time to really involve it in to school. With technology advancing everyday it is important to start technology with kids early so they can advance with it. Plus, so kids have different needs and ways of learning and I believe that one day we will be able to customize technology to fit individual’s needs and truly make sure no child will every be left behind.

I really liked this article summary because it is a really hotly debated issue at the moment. I also liked how you told why you were interested in this subject, being informed about your career is always a good thing. Personally, I feel that putting more online resources to students and educators is definitely a good idea. At my cegep, we have OMNIVOX, which lets us receive messages from teachers, other students and even from the school's administration through MIO (messaging in omnivox). Also, the college makes accessible to all students important documents, we can make our schedules online and generally manage our affairs on the website. Lastly, teachers can make available documents, course notes, assignments and make announcements to the class through omnivox. I think that this system should also be established in high schools, because it really does make a difference in the way students learn and how they manage their time. That being said, however, I think that elementary and high school students should not have their own tablets or laptops in class. We all know what happens when students are put in a computer lab, not much actual work is produced. Furthermore, we associate this technology with fun, games and pleasure. Most of these laptops and tablets are programmed to only run certain applications and not be able to activate certain functions, mainly run games that aren't educational and websites that run games. Therefore when the student sees that no pleasure can be gained from this instrument, they reject it. This is why I believe that although online websites like omnivox are advantageous to students and teachers alike, whereas laptops and tablets can hinder the educational process.

I agree with you that technology is the greatest ally of education and can be used to try to fill gaps between the academic performances of different students. I also appreciate the fact that technology can also help excelling student by giving them access to more advance material and teaching methods which couldn’t be used by regular students at the same academic level. Using technology to help excelling student to learn more by themselves rather than revise what they have already learned as well as allowing students with difficulties to acquire more attention from the teacher is the way to go for the future of education.
A recent study explained by Catherine Solyom in her article “Benefits of iPads in classrooms outweigh the problems: study” published on December 13, 2013, demonstrates that there are more benefits than problems coming out of the use of technology. While the distractions offered by an iPad or a laptop are great with access to the internet, they also offer new and interesting ways for students to learn. While they can help teacher manage a classroom better, they can also give a bigger interest and funnier learning experience to students. In her article, Solyom explains how the introduction of laptops in 2006 in Quebec has helped reduce the dropout rate because it gave a more interesting perspective on education to students.
Nearly 10 years ago, when I was in elementary school, my class was selected because of our teacher’s effort and we spent two years with every student of the class having a laptop at its disposal. I think, proportionally to other classes, we learned much more because we were able to do almost everything faster. It also helped the teacher focus on struggling students since it was simple to organize more advanced exercises for those who excelled. Briefly, I agree with you that technology is one of the biggest game changer in education.
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The points mentioned are really interesting and I have to agree with your point of view. Due to technology, we have tools in classroom such as power point. However, technology is only beneficial if students use them efficiently and does not rely too much on them. For example, if someone always rely on technology to proofread, he won't have the skill trained and when he will have to write an essay, he will not proofread as good as if he always reread his texts. On the other hand, technology is helping student to concentrate more in class since children find computers and screen projectors more interesting than chalk boards. Technology integration in education is happening a lot in Montreal. In my old high school, in every classroom, there was at least one computer and a screen projector for the teachers. Furthermore, they are starting to replace all the manuals by IPads. This can be helpful since students doesn't have to carry all those heavy textbooks around, but students are also distracted by these tools in class. Technology is really becoming more and more important and who knows how it will develop and integrate in schools in the next years. For more consequences on technology integrating in education, feel free to visit:

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