Religion in Society

by Matthew Pellicer on February 16, 2014 - 7:23pm

In my opinion, religion should be present in society. I believe that it is part of the various cultures and it is quite an important aspect. I believe that it is part of our backgrounds and what makes us unique individuals and helps shape our views on the world. I believe that an important aspect of having religion be a part of society is having people accept each other’s differences and that it is one of the ways to eliminate hatred too. I believe that religion itself shouldn’t be put into law but a lot of our laws are based on religion and it is just logical for them to do so. Even though religion might have it’s bad parts, it does have lots of great values and ignoring these would mean that we would be able to kill whomever we want and not think much of it. Overall, religions are an important part of our society and I believe that eliminating them would just bring us to a point where most people would be the same.


Overall, I agree with you. It is true that religion has great values that we shouldn't ignore and that they have the power to bring a lot of positive in ones life. But I also think that many of the values cherished by the main religions don't fit with the world we live in, sometimes even conflicting with some peoples' basic human rights. So I think that, even if religion has many positive aspects, in respect for others, it should stay apart from society and remain personal for every individual.

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