Hidden injury that needs to be taking care of

by mike_parent on November 20, 2013 - 10:25am

A lot of injuries happen in sports whether it is a contact sport or a non-contact sport. Head injuries especially, are the most common in sports. The problem is that people around sports do not take care of them properly. Concussion is an important injury that needs to be taking care of adequately and this issue needs a better approach for the majority of people.


Since that issue is everywhere in the sport, people should take care about those traumatism. Head injuries create damage to the brain and can cause deadly consequences if not healed properly.

There are a lot of them in sports, whether it is in professional or in youth leagues, and people do not know about them so injured players do not get the right support to heal this life threatening injury. Not only in football, but in all kind of sports, in fact the sport with most of cases of head traumatism is cycling, and of course not a lot of people did know about that. Since the big coverage from media on what happened in the NFL and what surrounding concussions, the interest in head injuries is growing which is a great think for athletes around the United States, for now.

In addition, there are precise steps that need to be followed properly to get back in the game after suffering of a concussion, and a lot of athletes do not follow them, and that because of the ignorance about this issue, and what it really does to the body.

People from, or that, surrounds amateur sport organizations should take care of those head injuries that are life threatening, and learn the way of treating them correctly. Not only should they learn about them but also talk about them, and make the subject less taboo. 


I am commenting on this post because the subject it is very interesting and it concerns me. I play a lot of basketball which is a contact sport with risk of injuries. I think that you needed more information to clarify your point on the hidden injuries. I think you should have given some example of players that were not treated of concussion and has serious injuries afterwards like the link I put on below.

I agree with your perspective since there was a lot of injuries in all kinds of sports especially football. These two are high contact sports which can cause serious injuries at the brain as you mentioned. I think you should have talked a little bit more about the symptoms of a concussion to explain to people who doesn’t know what it is. Also, I think you should of included examples of athletes that was not treated of their concussion. It makes your arguments stronger and more con vincible to the people who reads your paper. Furthermore, I think the part where you explained head traumatize and why some players does not follow the treatment because of the ignorance of the issue it is really good since it tells us why they are not treating it seriously.

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