The danger of Internet

by fangjun9608 on November 20, 2013 - 10:00am

Social Network should be forbidden because it invades our privacy and it has bad consequences on our daily lives.


First of all,Applications on social networking sites contains Trojan which is a virus that can steal information and harm the computer.According to statistics, more than 35% of the internet users visits Facebook and more than 70% of Facebook users utlize applications on the social network where hackers distribute and develop their virus.Furthermore, social media endangers our life and our privacy.Cyber bullying has become the new way of bullying with the new techonology.It pushes and can drive people to sucide.It happened to one Canadian young girl,Amanda Todd who committed sucide because of all the information cyber builles had on her and they used it to ruin her reputation in her high school.At last, social media has been taking a lot of space in our daily life.Millions of young people spen more and more time on these webistes.Instead of going out with friends, they would rather spend talking with online friends on social networking websites. Over 45 millions user under the age use these sites to build personal pages.The statistics indicates  that social websites has attracted a lot of young people that are not  supposed to be using it.It is harmful for them because they are exposed to hackers and cyber bullies where they can steal your personal information.



This research taught me the danger of the social websites and I think that everyone should be careful of what they post on the internet because it might affect you afterwards and eventuall destroy your life.




I agree with your post; you are right that social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. can be dangerous for the human themselves. As you said, a lot of people under age breaks the websites rule illegally, and these websites but the government also should generate more laws and rules on the websites. Per example, the age for Facebook is suppose to be 13 years old, but everyone, even the administrators, know that there are users under 13 who created fakes profiles. Then, they will see contents which can traumatize them, injured them personally or psychologically, and justly, fall in depression and commit suicide like Amanda Todd. I do not think social networks should be avoid and destroyed; I just think that social networks have to be use as the good way. Social networks have been created to talk fastest with our friend, in a ‘funny’ environment. But some users abuse the ‘funny’ of the networks; by the bad way, they will insults come people ‘involuntarily’. I think social networks should be more supervise by the administrators of the web site and check all the posts, deleting which are not correct and include intimidation, insinuate or not.

Personally, I’m not on Facebook because of friend of mine have actually been intimidated on social networks, even if the person do not insinuate it. The worst is that the intimidator do not want to admit he or she commit intimidation because they are scared. But why do it? At the first time, the intimidator just want to have fun and be entertain by this; not necessarily hurt the person, but in final it does hurt the person and the intimidator will defend himself by saying it’s the victim who is not strong mentally and can’t accept jokes. That’s why I totally agree with you and social network should be less popular.

Your post does a good job in highlighting some concerns with respect to the potential danger of online social networks. However, your suggestion of banning the use of social network entirely is not feasible or possible. You stated social media endanger life and privacy but on what scale did you reach that conclusion? I agree with you in terms of the use of social networks associated with the potential risk of exposing one's computer to virus attacks but that does not apply to social networks alone because as long as your are connected to the internet one way or the other, your are at risk of being attacked by virus. For example, governmental organizations use the internet to store, exchange personal information throughout the internet.Financial institutions such as banks use internet on daily basis to convenient their customers so that banking can be done online. In terms of the potential danger of cyber bullying, it is not possible to ban the use of social networks simply because there exists risk of cyber bullying. In fact, majority of social networks provide " report" option on their sites so that should some one notice cyber bullying or online abuse, the admin of the site would investigate and when feasible, the abusive person's account will be terminated and police may be contacted by the admin.

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