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by fleming.Shamuel on November 19, 2013 - 10:36pm

Being homosexual did not appear from a virus, it is more like a mutation in our own DNA. Same principle than the colour of our eyes. The body genetic system (known has DNA) is a bunch of instruction that tells every cells what to do. That is why few babies are born with anomalies; DNA is not always perfect. Animals, are very own ancestors happens also to have those DNA mutations, some good of course and some bad. It has been proven that in all the of animal species on earth, 85% show sign of homosexual behaviours and unlikely any animals, we, humans, are the only animals capable of feeling hate against such mutation.I think that homophobia, who is based of hatred, negative attitudes and feeling towards homosexuality or in other words : lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender (LGBT), should not be existent in our society. The topic of homophobia will be discussed by explaining how humans are not the only race who is affected by this mutation, also the concept of hate brought by religion as well as the acceptance of homosexuality in teenage hood will be talked about.



As mentioned before in the introduction, homosexuality is known to be apart of a lot of species on this planet. Of course not merely has evolved as the human. Our evolutions has brought us a lot of opportunities but also brought emotions like hatred against the unknown in which case : Homosexuality. Homosexuality is basically a genetic mutation that consist into loving the same sex instead of the opposite sex. Biologically speaking, all humans are the same, wether we are asian, is panic, gay, lesbians, etc. The only things that separates us into smaller group is the boundaries that we implement ourself in our lives. According to my beliefs, no one deserve to be treated as inferior just because he or she is part of a minority. 


Religion, everyone know the meaning and the implication that this world took over the centuries but unfortunately, religion has been the downfall of acceptance of many causes including LGBT. As we evolve, religion is getting replace more and more by science. Religion has been so important because it gave “the Unknown” a purpose. Back in the days we tough that storms were the result of gods getting mad at us but it was later proven to be of natural causes. The more science was making its way, the less power Religion had over people. Of course, Homosexuality was not “normal” and so “unknown” to the religion, so it was then not accepted. But religion is based on beliefs that are not objective and scientifically not proved; therefore many of their arguments are not valid. 

I am, however, not saying that religion is not a good thing to believe in. Many of the beliefs   being convey in religion are good and sane but being more aware of what happen in our world as helped at a certain level.


Being homosexual is a step more that every teenage girls and boys has to face. Acceptance of others is hard to achieve and sometimes, even acceptance of their own self is hard to achieve because of what society projects. These steps leaves the teenage boy or girl to a low self-esteem and if the teenage is not surrounded by good and understandable people, the process of acceptation and “coming out”  will be very hard. Teenage hood, where the human is at a peak point. When it is consumed by hormones, the human body discovers that they sexual orientation is not what society is promoting and it is faced to a crisis. Unfortunately, homophobia, majorly projected by religion has not helped through that process at all over the time and this is why it is now time to abolish this foolish image that the general society is projecting on this minority.

Overall, homophobia should not be considered as something bad because genetically speaking, we are all the same: humans. Minorities, wether its being gay, lesbian or black should not have so many importance because at the end of the line, we are all the same. Also, religiously speaking, homophobia as been well fed but it is time for it to end, it is time for a objective point of view towards LGBT and for any other good causes. Maybe acceptance will end up leading to an equal society but whatever happen, I have hope in evolution.


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One of the main reasons that made me comment this blog is that it discusses a topic that interests me: homophobia. In fact, I agree with the author saying that being homophobic is pointless. Hating the LGBT is like hating our own human race and supporting invalid arguments of the religion that are out-dated, which is why I consider a useless form of hatred.

However, the issue with this post might be the style of writing. As a matter of fact, it makes it difficult to understand the main arguments supporting this position. As a reader, I had the impression that the writer was jumping from one supporting argument to another instead of sticking with one subject and going in depth within a paragraph. Therefore, it made the abstract post not enough clear and convincing.

Nonetheless, as a Canadian, I was very pleased concerning this topic because the post went along my values. In fact, today, Canada is one of the most advanced countries in America in terms of the LGBT rights. Moreover, as a Quebecor specifically, I grew in a province, which has prohibited the discrimination based on sexual orientation in 1977 and thereafter became the first jurisdiction in the world (bigger than a city) to have prohibit that according to Canadian Heritage. Therefore, homophobia is not something that I would cheer for since the fact that I grew in an environment where same-gender relationship can be seen everywhere. However, I am not claiming that all people from this geographic location would agree with our position. In fact, even if the law has given rights to the LGBT people, not everyone have the same vision concerning homosexuality. Although, I find it very grateful that the values of the politicians in power have evolved in time and that there are today spokespeople for the minorities such as for the LGBT people.

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