iPhone or Samsung

by christiano_s17 on November 20, 2013 - 11:26am


Comparing the two leading phones on the market, which one comes out with victory? Whether its purchases, application, sufficient and simply better.

In this essay I will write about the phones and the value and function of the phone. Why people want the phone and why they are in demand compared to other phones. It will include who as the population has these phones and why. In the end I will introduce the key question again and answer with the following facts that I can provide with the information that I have found.

Witch phone is better? Witch phone has more apps and money behind it?  Which one is worth buying?  What about other phones?

To compare the phones and see what’s better is hard to answer. It’s all on the person who buys it and how many people have bought the iPhone over the Samsung, but the iPhone has more sales then the Samsung. The thing with other phones is that they have been completely dominated by these smart phones with all the apps and little detailed work to try and beat each other. Like what happened to the blackberry recently. 


I think this issue of which cellphones is better than the other is an interesting issue, but it might need a little work on what would be your arguments, since I do not see what could be argued. Your conclusion and explanation could need some improvement since you are opening into another complete subject at the end talking about blackberry. How is this related? I would maybe think about adding it into the arguments, probably saying that these two brands are the top of technology and explain how they managed to get there. I think you brought up an interesting fact in saying “Why people want the phone and why they are in demand compared to other phones”, this is an argument that would need some more development but it is a good start.
In my sense I feel this essay does not corresponds to my interest, it would be the same as talking about which video game is better than the other. In fact if you would talk about why we think this brand is better or why people always want the more technological thing then it would maybe grab more my attention. Because to me, when you talk about how fast the processor is going, and how many application, or which application can be installed ,or how long the battery last, it is more like boring facts than an interesting issue. My perspective on your subject would probably cover the study of the generation on cellphone, than which cellphone is better. I have this perspective because, as a teenager, we do not see how affected we are by these commercial saying this cellphone is better and it offers better application, etc., but in this sense I was the first to buy into. So this is why I think I might prefer learning why instead of getting right into what company wants. You did approach this fact but you simply mentioned it. This way could probably be more explore. An article on Wise Geek explains how consumers work with companies and brand and they explain why they would rather choose a company than another (http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-the-consumer-theory.htm ).They explain the humans logical thinking when they are up to consume. It could be interesting fact to had in your essay, but I do not know all your argument, so it is hard for me to know if it is related or not.

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