Abstract: Strengthen the brain

by Lidia Ibrahim on November 20, 2013 - 10:54am

Topic: The importance of strengthens the brain.


Issue: The human brain is workable even during adulthood.


Thesis: Resting the brain, eating healthy food and exercising stimulate the brain.


Premise 1: Relaxing the brain


Sleeping actually restore the human brain. It strengthen remembering skills, learning performance and problem solving


Premise 2: Healthy eating

  • Avoid fatty food
  • Omega 3 consuming such as fish, oil (moderated consuming), nuts and seeds
  • Eating foods rich in antioxidant, vegetables and color fruits because it protects brain from harmful free radicals.


Premise 3: Physical training

  • Strengthen the brain



Conclusion: Because strengthening the brain supplement its skills, such as increasing its ability of retain information and raising its ability to concentrate. It is time to raise the brain abilities, for human brain is workable even during adulthood.



Relaxing the brain, eating healthy food and practicing physical exercises strengthen the brain increases its skills. By taking care of our precious brain, it will benefit us. Therefore, it is extremely important to strengthen the brain; for it has many benefits on the human system, such as preventing heart diseases; prevent physiological aging, resistance from Alzheimer diseases.

By relaxing the brain, our memory also has the time to be unrushed. We can easily compare our brain to any nowadays machine, at some point or at some time of using the technology it becomes in a lack of energy if we do not let it rest, it does not respond anymore.  Similarly to our brain, it needs enough time to relax in order to continue with us. Mostly the brain, but as well as all the rest of our body. The answer is in sleeping, depending to the age of the human brain; it is necessary to sleep a certain number of hours. Consequently, our beloved brain will respond to our need during all the day. Reposing our cognitive machine also helps for problem solving, whether mathematics problems or logical responding. It also growth the learning skills. Above all, taking care of what we eat plays a big role on how our brain works. Some food specially increases our cognitive abilities such as fish which is containing Omega 3, nuts specially almonds along with seeds. Physical movement increases the blood circulation, therefore the oxygen flow to the brain itself. It may be not an activity, but I have learned to change hand during every day activity. For example, if you are right-handed, use your opposite hand in a purpose to challenge yourself.

Throughout my research, I learned the important value of the brain. I also learned how to take care of it. There are multiple ways to keep the level of our brain. Furthermore, to increase our mind skills. 


Even though I was forced to read your Abstract essay, I find that your topic is very interesting and brings excellent arguments. The reason why is due to the fact it is relevant to our age type, were always all busy working hard at school, working for money and at the same time trying to get a social life with family and friends. With all this going on in our lives we lack time to sleep, eat healthy and stay physically active. The message you want to show the readers is strong and could help several of us on thinking about helping our brain strengthen. On top of all of this you have a good use of vocabulary and I believe that all 3 of your premise are strong. You can maybe add a little more to your third premise, on how physical activity helps strengthen the brain. This would make your essay even stronger. Here a reference that talks about how physical activity help strengthen the brain: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/09/28/how-exercise-can-strengthen-the...
Before coming to college, I was the type of guy to never get enough sleep and it had tremendous effect on my everyday life. I was always tired and couldn’t concentrate in school. I ate good food and played in various sports so I thought that I was perfectly healthy until my phycology class in college. We learned about the same topic of strengthening the brain. I learned that a certain part of the brain develops through sleep up to the age of 25 and if we lack sleep we don’t strengthen our brain. I was lucky enough to have a phycology class to help inform me with the importance of strengthen the brain and change my habits. Since college I’ve been sleeping more and I’ve seen a tremendous change, I’m more concentrated and my brain can now develop. Your essay topic can help a lot of teenagers in to second think about the personal health of developing their brains.

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