Mental diseases

by amelie_durocher on November 19, 2013 - 5:07pm

Our society is constantly dealing with advertising and the perfect body image. This idealistic figure is inaccessible and for some people it can lead to mental diseases as anxiety, depression and dysthymia. It exist different levels in mental illness: the low-grade, the middle-grade and the high grade which is also called the major depression. Depending on the level, mental diseases are not treated the same way. Mental illness can be treated by a physical therapy, a psychological therapy and a chemical therapy.

The physical therapy is more appropriated to someone who is suffering of a low level of mental illness. Physical activity releases different chemicals which has an impact on the response to the neurotransmitter which will decrease the stress level and improve your mental condition. The psychological therapy consists in improving your mental skills and follow a talk therapy to find tips to help your mental health and decrease the pressure that a depress person is living with. Those therapies are more efficient for someone who is in a medium level of illness because it means that you have clear symptoms of depression or other diseases. Finally, the chemical therapy is for someone who is suffering of a high level depression because it has radical impacts on your brain and the chemical that it produces. The chemical therapy is about taking antidepressant to regularize the production of brain’s chemicals, with a normal amount of chemical, people can do their daily tasks without being interrupted by their emotional crisis.

While doing this essay, I’ve learn a lot about the mechanism of action of our brain and how drugs is affecting it in a way or another. I’ve also learn that mental diseases can be treated in different way and that it exist different opinion about the treatment of those diseases. By analyzing the advantages and the consequences of those different therapies a person who is feeling a symptom of depression can choose how to help itself and see with a doctor if it is appropriated or not. Mental diseases are illnesses as cancer and pneumonia and have to be taken in a serious manner. 


The subject you discuss in your essay abstract is very interesting. In fact, people do not know very much about the treatment that mental ill persons can be provided with, and less people know that this ones can very depending on the level of illness. Your thesis is well elaborated and your premises are clear and I like that you specify the degree of illness for which each kind of therapy is better. However, I think you could add some information on the pros and cons of each kind of therapy for the category of person it targets. That way, not only could you explore more in depth each of your arguments but also you would have tangible cases or academic support on what you are saying.
Personally, I have a friend that has been diagnosed with mental illness five years ago. She went to see a psychiatrist that looked for the most adequate treatment that could suit her problem. I think that having specific treatment for every degree of mental illness could help patients as my friend to get the help they need. As seen in the article below, there are different kind of specific therapy. For example, people going through psychotherapy can either go through individual, group or family therapies. These kind of therapy can be even more helpful person depending on their personality.

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