Every Little Detail Counts

by PedgeRuest on November 19, 2013 - 10:32pm

To begin, the topic of this article is to give before hand information about the research essay that I am presently writing and learning about for a couple of weeks now. This research paper as many may predict, surrounds the idea of the negligence and careless acts of a mother during pregnancy that will have long-term effects on the fetus and throughout the child’s entire life.  

In relation to this topic, I argue the three major aspects that are constantly stressed by health professionals and the government, but still seem to be overlooked by society, more specifically, pregnant mothers.  The three topics that will be stressed are alcohol, drugs and smoking during pregnancy. However, even though I state that these are the three “major” aspects that affect the health of both the mother and the baby, these three aspects are certainly not the only important ones. There are many more ways to cause a defect in the development of the fetus, which are just as serious to its health.  First off, alcohol during pregnancy is one of the more popular mistakes mothers make while thinking “bad things only happen to others”, however many of these mothers constantly are proved to be wrong. Alcohol during pregnancy has many effects. However the defect that I will mostly concentrated on is the FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), which ranges from mental and physical disabilities, prematurity, death and so on. All these remain irreversible; this therefore means that the fetus will have this disability follow them through their entire life. Next point that will be argued is about how the actions of the mothers are very crucial to the health of the child for the rest of its life is drugs during pregnancy. Drug abuse remains as just another choice that the mother takes between keeping her baby is full health or just fulfilling a “need” bringing both individuals closer to their grave.  Just like smoking during pregnancy, there are always comparisons that are showing the differences between making the right and wrong choice. It is understandable to make mistakes because it is only human. However to constantly ignore the warnings and wonder and be upset about their child’s health is a complete different story.

In conclusion this essay will be speaking about the negligence of pregnant mothers and now this will negatively effect their child for not only a short period of time, but in many cases, their whole lives. Through smoking, alcohol and drug abuse the research towards the formation of the essay taught me that we are ignorant about the most important details. The smallest mistakes can cause the biggest effects, all because life is taken for granted.  Everything is important just as stated before, there can be these major aspects that cause a defect in the growth of the fetus, however there will always be the small details that will always remain just as important. 


I am interested by your subject because I am also doing my research about health. We often hear about how the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is bad, but less about the other factors. It is a good thing that you warn us about the issue. Maybe you could have explore some different health factors influencing pregnancy and the baby like nutrition or physical activity. The three factors you develop, alcohol, drugs and smoking, are similar. In general, your writing is good and easy to understand.
On my personal perspective, my future desire of becoming a mother makes me feel concerned by the subject. In a couple of years from now, I consider having children and when the time will come for me to get pregnant, I hope I will be informed enough to do everything I can for my baby’s well-being. I agree with you that negligence of future mothers during pregnancy can affect the whole life of their child. Some women are maybe not well informed about how their behavior can be dangerous to their baby.
Here’s an article based on a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition that talks about how a bad nutrition, especially a high consumption of fat, during pregnancy can predispose babies to diabetes.

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