Abstract: Living For Them

by maxime.rousseau on November 20, 2013 - 9:58am

The influence of corporations through different medium is bad for the society.


1.     Companies have bad effects on us monetarily

·      They try to make us buy their product and they make us think that we need their product. This has a negative impact because we spend our money unnecessarily.

·      They implant in us the idea that the profit is the priority in life; that we need to have a lot of money and products to be happy.


2.     Corporations have negative impact on a psychological way

·      By sending a certain “model lifestyle” companies are trying to change to modify our lifestyle (i.e. I’m hungry… I should go to McDonald instead of preparing a real meal)

·      The images that they send in their ads are very harmful: people are thinking that they have to be perfect like in the commercials to be happy.


3.     Corporations are implanting bad ethics in the society

·      They are conveying stereotypes in their ads and through media. This affect how people acts and judge other people

·      A message that they are sending is to neglect other people to be rich and successful (money is a priority). We don’t care anymore about other’s people life (i.e. china workers).


During this whole research, I learned some interesting things. First of all, companies are controlling us way more than we think. They affect so many aspects in our lives. Also, I learned about the society of consumption we live in and about the different medium that are more implicated than we think. This subject needs to be investigate and I m sure we can discover a lot more in this subject.


I completely agree with this. The media is a lie, it’s a plan to try and control us over television. Another method they use it to show how our lives would be without it. Like the commercial with the 2 people using 2 different phones. One has service and the other doesn’t. The commercial keeps going and continues with near the end of the compilation the guy with the bad reception and bad service is a homeless person and sees the other guy with the phone with a bright future.
You have a great subject that can be worked on with a lot of details. An advice I can give you is that in commercials they use subliminal messages witch is things that our subconscious see but we don’t notice. Little things like small details and backgrounds used that we don’t acknowledge at first but then once realised is very obvious.
Another place where they like to get people are with theatres. On streets and newspapers. But most of the media is on TV and internet. What they don’t show are the things that are important around the world. They don’t show the little things that are happening that we would need to know and they hide it. It’s on the internet but not on TV. They hide a lot of information and the internet is the only way to see it. It’s not only commercials that are abused with commercials it’s the internet as well. An example would be YouTube. Before the video there are commercials.
Nowadays with women and how thin they have to be and what they have to eat is because of TV and internet. How to diet and look like a model that weight 87 pounds. TV and internet advertisements are bad for us. The market and big companies are just trying to sell their product that might not even change much in our lives but make it seem like it does.

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